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Solving DC Problems Solving DC Problems

About the 20 finalists

A panel of 16 judges (members of DC Appleseed's staff and board) selected the 20 finalists from a pool of over 900 ideas. The judging was conducted in two rounds.

Judges did not have access to any information that would enable them to identify entrants when reviewing submissions.

In the first round, each of the 16 judges reviewed all eligible ideas and selected 20 ideas he or she considered to be the best of the bunch. At the end of the first round, a total of 30 eligible ideas had received at least three votes from the panel of judges.

In the second round, each of the 16 judges reviewed the 30 top ideas from the first round and selected ten ideas he or she considered the best of the bunch. At the end of the second round, the 20 ideas receiving the most votes became the 20 contest finalists.

The 20 finalists (which may be viewed and voted on by clicking here) are geographically and topically diverse.

Seventeen of the 20 ideas were submitted by District residents, representing seven of eight city Wards (four finalists are residents of Ward 1; three are residents of Ward 2; three are residents of Ward 3; one is a Ward 4 resident; three are residents of Ward 5; two are residents of Ward 6; and one is a Ward 8 resident. Two finalists are residents of Virginia (Arlington and Alexandria) and one finalist is a Maryland resident (Annapolis).

The 20 final ideas cover a host of topics, including: public safety, jobs and housing, the environment, fiscal policy, transportation, education, health and human services, recreation, economic development, and governance.

DC Appleseed has not thoroughly researched each and every finalist to ensure feasibility, viability, and practicality. DC Appleseed further acknowledges that some of the finalists' solutions to DC problems may already be happening to some degree. Finally, DC Appleseed recognizes that the judging process is highly subjective.

There are many good ideas among the pool of 900 entries and not everyone will agree that the 20 finalists represent the "best" of the bunch. However, no ideas will be left behind because we will compile ALL the ideas received during the contest and present them to the public, government officials, and candidates running in the District's 2006 elections. Most exciting of all, D.C. City Administrator Robert Bobb's office will be working with DC Appleseed to identify the most feasible ideas and try to implement them.


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