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Solving DC Problems Solving DC Problems

20 Finalists

We asked people who live or work in the District of Columbia to tell us about the District's problems and how they should be solved. They the tune of over 900 ideas (all of which may be viewed and commented on by clicking here.)  A panel of 16 judges (members of DC Appleseed's staff and board) then selected the following 20 finalists:

  1. Police Walking the Streets
  2. City-wide affordable units in luxury condo buildings, extra housing discounts for social workers, teachers and other community service jobs
  3. Balancing the budget and cleaning the air
  4. Taking Recycling to the Streets of DC!
  5. Incentives and funding for business owners to help men and women returning home from prison.
  6. Give young people an alternative to high school and college with an expansive technical/trade education system that meshes with an apprenticeship program upon graduation.
  7. Tax-Free Housing Savings Account
  8. Public Transportation Tax Credit/Swipe Card
  9. The Capital Clean-Up Project (CCUP) -- Where Healthy Streets Make Healthy Living
  10. Raise The Roof For Affordable Housing: Coupling An Easing of the Building Height Restriction With An Incentive For Developers to Create Affordable Units
  11. Increasing Funding for TANF Recipients in D.C.!!!
  12. Bicycle Lending Program ("ZipBike") modeled on Toronto's BikeShare program
  13. Bring Primary Care to the People: Step-Van Mobile Clinics Make Care Up Close (as in Accessible) and Personal
  14. "Green" DC Public Schools Would Improve Children's Health
  15. Stop Blocking Sidewalks During Construction
  16. Improve City Services
  17. Organizational Nexus for the Betterment of Society and "Seamless System of Services."
  18. The Bus Fair Campaign: Save Time, Be Safe, Breathe Easier
  19. Give DC youth more indoor recreational opportunities by building a Chelsea Piers-like sports complex on the Anacostia Waterfront
  20. UDC-East....A New Educational Paradigm


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