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Solving DC Problems Solving DC Problems

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6/15/06 Contest Sparks Wealth of Ideas for Bettering Life in D.C.
6/12/06 Winners Offer Seeds for Change; D.C. Problem Solvers Present Ideas to Would-Be Mayors
6/07/06 Problem Solving Contest; Top Appleseed Winners Named
6/06/06 Top Problem-Solver Wants to Help Clean Up D.C.
6/06/06 City Clean Up Idea Wins Contest
6/05/06 Of a Mind to Solve Capital's Problems; Contest Winners to Be Picked Tonight
5/23/06 How to Make D.C. Life Better
5/03/06 Solving D.C. Problems Contest Winding Down
5/01/06 When It Brainstorms, It Pours
5/01/06 Bikes - The solution to, and cause of, all of life's problems
5/01/06 Contest of Ideas
4/26/06 Can You Solve DC's Problems?
4/21/06 DC Appleseed Public Policy Contest
4/19/06 On Making the District a Better Place
4/18/06 Improve D.C., Win Some Cash; D.C. Appleseed Holds Contest
4/18/06 What's the big idea?
4/12/06 Got Solutions?
4/10/06 So, What Would You Fix About D.C.?
4/07/06 Solving D.C.'s Problems Could Make You Rich
4/04/06 More Ideas on Fixing the District
4/01/06 CITY IMPROVEMENT; Contest Looks for 'Cutting-Edge' Solutions
4/01/06 What Issues Will Define This Election?
3/30/06 The Idea Bank
3/30/06 The Ideas Start Pouring In
3/29/06 Solving the District's Problems

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