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All submitted ideas are listed below in reverse chronological order.  Click on the links to view the ideas.  Once you view an idea, you will have the opportunity to comment on it and/or send it to someone.

5.25.2006 "Work in Progress" -- Helping the Homeless Help Themselves.
5.24.2006 A Means to Address the Problem of Rising Real Estate Taxes Forcing People Out of Their Homes by Deferring or Limiting Tax Payment Increases
5.23.2006 The Distict's FIRST Inter-Ward Mayor's Youth Sports City Championships
5.23.2006 Affordable housing website
5.23.2006 Provide permanent public funds to metro.
5.23.2006 Coin-operated public bathrooms
5.19.2006 Create an optional federal tax donation to "Beautify Washington, DC"
5.18.2006 Free-market stoplights benefit everyone
5.16.2006 Citizen Reporting of Traffic Violations via text message/e-mail
5.16.2006 Promote non-partisan elections!
5.16.2006 No More Smashed Glass!
5.10.2006 Mandatory Child-Rearing Classes
5.09.2006 Co-ed public education and violence in the schools.
5.09.2006 Improve the response time of emergency vehicles
5.09.2006 Shakespeare In The Park
5.08.2006 Lower rush hour traffic, limit noise and air pollution, improve quality of life
5.08.2006 An office of church relations
5.06.2006 Economic and Youth Development(JOBS)
5.05.2006 Enforce loitering laws
5.05.2006 Considering the Broken Windows Theory, incentivize low priority crime response by law enforcement
5.05.2006 welfare reform
5.05.2006 City needs to make motorists stop at corners and yield to pedestrians crossing the street.
5.05.2006 Bringing D.C. Together and Strengthing Citizens' Confidence and Trust in Police by Improving Responses to Low-Priority Reported Crimes
5.05.2006 Help abuse Children
5.05.2006 Stop the practice of hiring City employees who don't live and work here. Discourage hiring/moving outsiders here. Only pick local companies for contracts.
5.05.2006 alternative energy sources for new buildings
5.05.2006 welfare reform in dc
5.05.2006 Everyone can buy their own home.
5.05.2006 Get rid of UDC or the special provision that City will pay for college tuition for DC residents who elect to go to college elsewhere.
5.05.2006 Signs to change recycle and regular garbage bins to suit weekly needs.
5.05.2006 New Affordable RENTAL Housing
5.05.2006 Bringing back the idea of curb space plantings
5.05.2006 Combating Illiteracy
5.05.2006 Introduction of Express metro trains
5.05.2006 Home rule government.
5.05.2006 have the World Bank pay for its $30 million price tag for security. This should not be borne by city/citizens...
5.05.2006 DC RAPS & Read Along Promoting Students
5.05.2006 DC's New Fashion District
5.05.2006 Volunteer Commuter Subsidy
5.05.2006 Improving the economy, decreasing traffic and riding the bus
5.05.2006 Feed the homeless
5.05.2006 Take advantage of our riverfront
5.05.2006 Our Nations Capitol Setting Good and Sound Examples That Others Might Follow
5.05.2006 have the Federal Govt. notify city and public of ceremonies and other traffic snarling escapades. Use helicopter or avoid pretrip motorcades and street closures.
5.05.2006 Saying Good-bye to Teddy Bear Lamp Posts and Candlelight Vigils
5.05.2006 Establish New York Avenue NE Corridor as Enterprise Zone
5.05.2006 Introduction of Express metro trains
5.05.2006 New Transportation Plan for K Street N.W.
5.05.2006 "National Airport" - Simple as that
5.05.2006 USE THE ROOFS! Reduce inequalities, feed people in need, clean streams and rivers, make D.C. more comfortable to live.
5.05.2006 Stop gouging commuters and residents on parking fees and fines.
5.05.2006 Put an Ampelmann in the traffic light by the German embassy.
5.05.2006 How to Improve Student Achievement in the DC Public Schools: The Problem, the Solution and the Benefits
5.05.2006 Quieter School Buildings: Sound-Absorbing Walls
5.05.2006 eliminate or restrict cars from the downtown core and add more & frequent buses. Will reduce traffic congestion and give us fighting chance in emergency situation.
5.05.2006 UDC-East....A New Educational Paradigm
5.05.2006 Smile
5.05.2006 Help new residents plug in to District issues by offering Welcome to the District courses at local universities
5.05.2006 Teacher Review of Student Academic Records Helps Prevent Alterations and Misuse for Graduation. Council: Give Teachers Statutory Access and Make Tampering with Student Records Illegal.
5.05.2006 DC Farmers' Market=DC's Warehouse District
5.05.2006 Reduce rush-hour traffic and improve employee satisfaction by offering DC government employees options for flexible scheduling and telecommuting
5.05.2006 Stagger "Last Call"
5.05.2006 Back to Basics for Noise and Trash Enforcement
5.05.2006 Improve or establish communication with ticket writers & the folks who 'help' on the phone when you call to advise about a broken meter
5.05.2006 Year-round Schools
5.05.2006 Evelyn Wood Day and Related Acivities/Events
5.05.2006 Attract high tech and alternative fuel companies using a shared revenue model
5.05.2006 Make DC Beautiful at Night
5.05.2006 A New UDC at an old RFK
5.05.2006 Paint, mow, plant, and illuminate -- a simple plan to beautify Washington
5.05.2006 Reduce DC Dependence
5.05.2006 Our own "Dear Abby" for DC
5.05.2006 Virtual Speed Bumps
5.05.2006 Ask tourists for THEIR ideas
5.05.2006 Greeting cards/ Postcards which are uniquely DC-centric
5.05.2006 Mandatory Mentoring--Several weeks ago, on a warm Sunday afternoon, one of my former 5th grade students was gunned down in front of his home.
5.05.2006 Turn DC Schools Into Two Competing Public Corporations
5.05.2006 Request corporate sponsors to cover schools' basic needs and encourage healthy diets for kids.
5.05.2006 DC Public Schools
5.05.2006 Stop rounding off intersection corners
5.05.2006 'residential' parking permits
5.05.2006 Tighten public space permitting process
5.05.2006 UDC-East....A New College Experience
5.05.2006 Tighten sidewalk vending regulations
5.05.2006 Identifying Public Service Vehicles
5.05.2006 Transparency = Trust ... Illuminate the DC Budget
5.05.2006 Replace ANCs with Internet Voting
5.05.2006 Create a combined Central Library, City Museum and Visitors Center
5.05.2006 DC Residential Reinforcement of Workforce Core, our RROWC (our rock)
5.05.2006 Advisory Neighborhood Commissions are a beautiful concept of civic engagement, but lacking a training infrastructure, too frequently they operate far below the ideal.
5.05.2006 Institute a Program of 'Impact Grants' for Home Purchase Down Payment Assistance to All New Graduates of Universities Based in the District
5.05.2006 Would not a Community College Aid the District of Columbia's Educational Landscape???
5.05.2006 Second Chances
5.05.2006 Church Parking on Sunday
5.05.2006 Nutritional Healing
5.05.2006 Support children who live in shelters
5.05.2006 Expanding the idea of the "People's Counsel" to BZA, Zoning Commission, and Alcohol Beverage Control Board Matters.
5.05.2006 Promoting anti-litter behavior through experiential learning in school
5.05.2006 Build a community of learning centered around the schools through family learning contracts.
5.05.2006 Central Grants Administration
5.05.2006 Poor relations between MPD + DC neighborhoods.
5.05.2006 School drop-outs / lack of goals for students
5.05.2006 Lack of information or proposals for addressing community-wide problems.
5.05.2006 Disparities between neighborhoods + neighborhood governance in DC
5.05.2006 Illegal parking near Monuments (during rush hour) - Summertime solution
5.05.2006 Lack of affordable housing
5.05.2006 UDC-Centered Economic Development
5.05.2006 Solving the Problems of high cost housing and excess schools with a single program
5.05.2006 A Safer DC
5.05.2006 Create a Combined District Healthcare for the Homeless Campaign Fund.
5.05.2006 Create "Virtual Tunnels" for transferring between Farragut North/Farragut West and Metro Center/Gallery Place
5.05.2006 Schools of Excellence
5.05.2006 DC Officials Mentor Youth for DC's Future
5.05.2006 A Cleaner DC
5.05.2006 Have Developers Contribute to Low-Income Housing
5.05.2006 Improve Ex-convicts within the District of Columbia
5.05.2006 Create a Combined District Education Fund Campaign
5.05.2006 Eradicating Black-on-black crime
5.05.2006 Mayor's Taxicab Seal of Approval
5.05.2006 Safer Crossings in High Traffic Area
5.05.2006 Love My Neighbor? How Can I? I Don't Even Know Him. Solution: Printed "Listservs."
5.05.2006 Safer Crossings in High Traffic Area
5.05.2006 The DC Traffic Open Suggestion Box
5.05.2006 Shooting Galery: What to do with RFK stadium after the Nat's and DC United leave.
5.05.2006 The DC Connector
5.05.2006 Guarantee Access to a College Education for All DC Residents Who Graduate from High School
5.05.2006 The Buck Stops Here: Salary Vs Performance
5.05.2006 Dinner Program for Homeless Men Needs Space
5.05.2006 Ask the dropouts.
5.05.2006 Education in the City
5.05.2006 Places to Go...People to Meet...Ideas to Share: Where Character Development, Directed Teen Civic and Social Involvement and Civic Journalism Meet
5.05.2006 Sex, drugs, and STDs education
5.05.2006 Use Automated Traffic Enforcement Revenue for Traffic Safety Education
5.05.2006 Affordable housing
5.05.2006 Make the District less congested by declaring it "No Car" day once a month.
5.05.2006 A New Staffing Model for District of Columbia Elementary Schools
5.05.2006 Cutting Traffic Congestion in Half: Pronto
5.05.2006 Noshing towards democracy
5.05.2006 Make Georgetown fun again by turning M Street into a broad pedestrian walkway, like they have in Barcelona or Munich or other European cities.
5.05.2006 Pedestrian, Exercise & Diet Friendly Neighborhoods
5.05.2006 Death penalty for white collar crime
5.05.2006 "Schoolchooser": An electronic public school catalogue to disseminate consumer information and help parents choose schools
5.05.2006 Long-Term Plan for Lowering D.C. Consumers' Electric Rates
5.05.2006 Fine noise makers
5.05.2006 Cap property taxes
5.05.2006 Raise taxes on vacant properties
5.05.2006 Eliminating truancy
5.05.2006 Stop Giving the Youth Felony Time for Misdemeanor Offenses
5.05.2006 DCPS Announces the Creation of the Office of the Special Education Students' Advocate
5.05.2006 Building bricks to better education
5.05.2006 Truck Traffic and Safety for the District of Columbia.
5.05.2006 Require uniforms for DC public school students
5.05.2006 DC Assistance Program--Helping All of DC by Helping Ex-Offenders.
5.05.2006 Reducing welfare caseloads, illiteracy, crime, drug addiction, and births to unwed mothers -- with one program
5.05.2006 Procurement of the District's Electricity
5.05.2006 A Washington Metropolitan Regional Electricity Cooperative Could Offset Escalating Rates
5.05.2006 A proven method to save millions of dollars by eliminating wasteful spending from the DC budget
5.05.2006 Improving the District Public School System
5.05.2006 Public Service Advertising Campaign to Call Attention to Blocking the Box, Rubbernecking, and Illegal Rush Hour Parking
5.05.2006 Embracing Regional Solutions to Regional Social Services Problems
5.05.2006 Build a Monument to the Millennium at Barney Circle
5.05.2006 DC Waterfront Property required to be mixed-use Development
5.05.2006 A School to Educate the "Whole Child"
5.05.2006 To Provide a System that Connects Local Government with Artists to Provide Creative Solutions to Ongoing Challenges and Problems
5.05.2006 RENT REFORM BILL 2006
5.05.2006 "For English, Press One"
5.05.2006 DC Metro is Recycling for Change
5.05.2006 Thank You System
5.05.2006 Electronic "No Stopping or Parking" Signs to Deter Drivers from Parking Illegally in Curb Lane During Rush Hour
5.05.2006 Federal employees/contractors work at home
5.05.2006 Overrule DDoT: Continue to Expand Metrorail within DC
5.05.2006 Reduce litter in DC
5.05.2006 Eliminate paper car tags
5.05.2006 Increase the DC parking tax
5.05.2006 Greenroofs
5.05.2006 Develop a wellness program to reduce health care costs for DC workers
5.05.2006 A Major New 'Industry' for DC: the Science of Living and Dying in America
5.05.2006 All spending is approved by individuals who have been thoroughly screened for fiscal responsibility and have demonstrated an ability to manage themselves and their money.
5.05.2006 Raise money for METRO by printing collectible farecards
5.05.2006 Increasing Revenues from the National Capital's International Community
5.05.2006 Expand D.C. to Its Natural Boundaries
5.05.2006 Never again wait an hour for your "every 20 min" Metrobus!
5.05.2006 To provide opportunity for our children, the next generation of DC citizens, we plan to build a Playground Garden at Peabody School.
5.05.2006 DCPS Business Practices Need Dedicated IG and Audit Attention
5.05.2006 Patrolling NightClub Areas & DC Public Schools; Tourism Sprucing up the neighborhoods and Community Centers; and Fixing up the DC Public Schools
5.05.2006 Give DC youth more indoor recreational opportunities by building a Chelsea Piers-like sports complex on the Anacostia Waterfront
5.05.2006 Overcome continuing special education process failures with a large, one-time infusion of cash
5.05.2006 Integrate ex-offenders into DC's social and economic networks by pairing them with cross-class teams of mentors
5.05.2006 Expansion of UDC to Two Additional Campuses
5.05.2006 Public Access Debate Channel and Website
5.04.2006 Make Sure the Doctor is In
5.04.2006 Encouraging and Rewarding Community Service
5.04.2006 How to have excellent parking karma
5.04.2006 Pedestrians don't walk at the speed of light - and traffic signals should reflect this
5.04.2006 Make D.C. a Recycling Classroom
5.04.2006 Raise Taxes, Give the money to Education
5.04.2006 True Help For the Homeless
5.04.2006 A tax on all vehicles entering the downtown core of DC
5.04.2006 Using videotapes and DVDs to help working parents support their child and his or her education
5.04.2006 City Improvement Through Land Reclamation
5.04.2006 Rolling Rock
5.04.2006 Put the "N" Back in the ANC
5.04.2006 Increase the activity of all DC residents
5.04.2006 Tax the "Gourmet" Coffee Stores
5.04.2006 Renovate every DC High School Field
5.04.2006 HOT lanes Extended into DC
5.04.2006 Change the DC Flag
5.04.2006 The Bus Fair Campaign: Save Time, Be Safe, Breathe Easier
5.04.2006 Encourage seniors to get out of their homes and remain active by letting them ride METRO for free
5.04.2006 Limiting the Damage that Renovations and New Construction Can Do to Affordable Housing and Existing Communities.
5.04.2006 Breathing and Movement for Better Life and Health in the Nation's Capitol
5.04.2006 Allow Vehicles to Park Closer to Hydrants
5.04.2006 Build Stronger Communities By Strengthening Youth Programs
5.04.2006 Turn all the security cameras in town into something positive by making them available for viewing on the Internet
5.04.2006 Taxi Stops and Bus Stops
5.04.2006 Taxi Zones, Fares, Directions and Navigation
5.04.2006 A Realistic Solution to the District's Gun Problem
5.04.2006 DC's crime rate would decline and educational system would benefit from using Boys and Girls Clubs to help youth who are suspended from schools.
5.04.2006 More police!
5.04.2006 A Truly DC Mentorship Program
5.04.2006 1000's of new parking spaces at no additional cost
5.04.2006 Temporary subsidized jobs for unemployed/underemployed District residents, with a focus on out-of-school youth and ex-offenders
5.04.2006 Require candidates for public office to appear in several publicly sponsored forums to secure a place on the election ballot for local offices,
5.04.2006 Turn closed schools into community centers
5.04.2006 Advancing democracy in DC: Open Space Technology events as opportunities for neighborhood residents to voice publicly their dreams for their city.
5.04.2006 Network and Sustainability
5.04.2006 Advancing democracy in DC: Open Space Technology events as opportunities for neighborhood residents to voice publicly their dreams for their city.
5.04.2006 Homeownership for the poor!
5.04.2006 Make Better Use of Our Parks!
5.04.2006 Making the Streets Safer In The District
5.04.2006 DC Public Charter School Board, not the VA-MD-DC Public Charter School Board
5.04.2006 DC Public Library Events Program
5.04.2006 Geren DC Year Round 24/7
5.04.2006 Sanitation Workers As Public Safety Officers
5.04.2006 A better way to solicit ideas for imporving DC
5.04.2006 Reduce traffic congestion and pollution and save gas by synchronizing the lights on more streets and correcting lights at intersections where they cause obstruction.
5.04.2006 Tap the brainpower of DC residents by organizing targeted brainstorming sessions on hard-to-solve DC government issues.
5.04.2006 Give teachers more frequent and timely performance feedback by engaging a classroom videotape review service.
5.04.2006 Help DPW get downtown rush-hour violators and double-parkers off the street by building an automated impound garage on the old Convention Center site
5.03.2006 Public Library Improvement Program
5.03.2006 Program to Provide Comprehensive Healthcare to Homeless Individuals
5.03.2006 Taxing Motorists to Fund Alternative Sources of Transportation and Programs to Improve the Quality of Motorist Transportation
5.03.2006 Human Capital Re-investment
5.03.2006 Annual Throw Back Day
5.03.2006 Metro Save Electricity
5.03.2006 Make The Old Cenvention Ceneter Site a Muti-Purpose Cummuntity
5.03.2006 Enhancing Civic Engagement in Children and Youth: Save Our Park! -- a book for children aged 5 to 8 years.
5.03.2006 add metro train departure signs outside of stations. That way I will know when to hustle when I am within sight of the station!
5.03.2006 Street lights should illuminate the sidewalks as well as the streets.
5.03.2006 Learning to Help One Another in This Harsh World
5.03.2006 Use City Vehicular Bound Employees to Report on Specific Problems/Hazards
5.03.2006 Increase Appeal and Comfortability to Metro via Implementing VIP Train Cars
5.03.2006 Express metro bus from Armory-Stadium to BWI
5.03.2006 Youth Violence
5.03.2006 Make DC a More Pedestrian-Friendly City: Create More Public Parking Garages
5.03.2006 save gas, stay healthy, reduce trafic and air polution. Include showers in all new DC office buildings.
5.03.2006 Bike Parking
5.03.2006 Know It, Fix It, Make It Look Good!
5.03.2006 Pay for your Trash, Recycle for Free
5.03.2006 Bottle Bill
5.03.2006 And A Child Shall Lead Them
5.03.2006 Develop Pedestrian Path around McMillan Reservoir Now (without waiting on plans for the Sand Filtration Site)
5.03.2006 DC Employer Commuter Tax to supplement DC Public Schools
5.03.2006 Tax breaks for Telecommuting. The district can lead the country by offering local businesses tax breaks by reducing traffic on our crowded and distressed streets.
5.03.2006 Keep our Capital City Clean
5.03.2006 Make learning easier
5.03.2006 Provide District agencies with wireless, handheld computers to improve inspections of property, streets, homes, and businesses.
5.03.2006 Reduce Rats with evening trash collection
5.03.2006 establish a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the US Postal Service and DC Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) to indentify vacant properties
5.03.2006 Blueprint for a Better Region
5.03.2006 Rock Creek Park
5.03.2006 Cheaper but Better Selection of Wine, Beer, and Spirits for all DC residents and employees! And SAVE a Tree too!
5.03.2006 No Cushy for the Tushy - get rid of seat cushions on Metro
5.03.2006 Organizational Nexus for the Betterment of Society and "Seamless System of Services."
5.03.2006 Eliminate left turns in DC at intersections without a dedicated left turn lane.
5.02.2006 Recreation + Learning Centers
5.02.2006 DC Public Library Events Program
5.02.2006 GreenDC Year 24/7 Goal: Make GreenDC year round with clean ups in every neighborhood
5.02.2006 Improve City Services
5.02.2006 New Standard Lampposts
5.02.2006 Bicameral Legislature?
5.02.2006 Encourage Biking to the Natl Arboretum
5.02.2006 Make Dupont Plaza More Accessible
5.02.2006 Expand Metrorail west of U Street.
5.02.2006 "DC Cares"
5.02.2006 Car-Free DC
5.02.2006 Increasing Volunteer Base for Senior Organizations (Revised)
5.02.2006 Elected Officials' Office Hours
5.02.2006 Community Day Cleanup
5.02.2006 The Anacostia River Crossing @ South Capitol Street
5.02.2006 Pimp My Street
5.02.2006 Mobile Basic Services Outreach Team
5.02.2006 Vocational Schools
5.02.2006 Livable and Drivable Communities Project: Suburban Loading Docks
5.02.2006 Replace current closed primary system with a Louisana nonpartisan primary, and remove minority party requirement from DC Charter.
5.02.2006 Non Resident? Pay More at the Parking Meter
5.02.2006 Create the "Knowledge Machine"
5.02.2006 To solve Ward 8's problems, you must identify them, then come up with solutions and implement them while involving the community.
5.02.2006 Raise national awareness of DC's lack of voting rights by running a high-profile DC candidate for president in 2008
5.01.2006 Crime/Public Safety OTIS STREET NE between 18th and South Dakota Ave. NE
5.01.2006 Mentoring programs in every elementary school will provide children individual attention and help them master basic skills for future achievement
5.01.2006 Expand Residential Parking Program Hours of Enforcement to 24 hours per day / 7 days per week in Areas with Limited Street Parking
5.01.2006 D.C. Debunks the Genetic Theory of Disease and Collects the Wisdom of its Centenarian for the Benefit of the Whole Community
5.01.2006 Increasing DC's Volunteer Base
5.01.2006 A proposal to Enhance the Learning Experience of Students in Poor Performance Secondary Schools in the District of Columbia by Marshall J. Spurlock
5.01.2006 Create a 51st state encompassing the current District of Columbia and the contiguous suburban regions of Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland.
5.01.2006 Increase public space over underpasses like Dupont Circle
5.01.2006 Force public officials to deal with the same problems everyone faces.
5.01.2006 Metro Escalator Lane Marker
5.01.2006 Make DC a Greener City: Enhance the Metrobus with Priority Lanes and Signals!
5.01.2006 Solve DC's population decline
5.01.2006 Community Plant Exchange: Sharing Excess Plants and Flowers
5.01.2006 Developing a greater sense of community by empowering citizens and aggregating our common-sense wisdom.
5.01.2006 Being able to get from "A" to "B" in DC
5.01.2006 Sports revenue bonanza
5.01.2006 Create a Washington, D.C. "Hometown Ambassadors Corps (DC-HAC)"
4.30.2006 Improve traffic flow while keeping pedestrians safe.
4.30.2006 "Alternative Transportation" edict; Commuting and Parking Issues. Condense Bus Lines in same direction, with hub points at Event/Conference Locations, Metro, VRE, and Marc/Amtrak.
4.30.2006 Above-ground Metro signs signifying incoming/departing Metro train schedule
4.30.2006 Adopt a School
4.30.2006 DC's Basic Transportation Problem: a Counterproductive, Near-Term, Small-Time Mind Set
4.30.2006 Start a Minimal Cost Knowledge-Share Program: To Enhance Learning, Training and Skills at a Low Cost while Benefiting the DC Public Schools.
4.30.2006 DC Rent Control
4.30.2006 Books to Share
4.29.2006 Make September 11th First Responders Appreciation Day
4.29.2006 Sell Reeves Municipal Building
4.29.2006 Improve Traffic Flow
4.29.2006 Reduce Traffic Gridlock
4.29.2006 Stop the Disposition of Public Property - Use Public Property for Community Development
4.28.2006 Transforming DC from Car Culture to Bike Culture would help fix parking, air pollution, rising fuel costs, traffic congestion and a physically unfit citizenry
4.28.2006 Municipal Parking for DC as in Montgomery Cty. and other nearby areas.
4.28.2006 Turn every school into a charter school, including the parochial schools.
4.28.2006 Distinguished Service Awards
4.28.2006 Urban Renewal to Benefit Neighborhoods (URBN)
4.27.2006 Share public school space with public charter schools.
4.27.2006 Chain Bridge at Canal Road left turn lane addition.
4.27.2006 DC Has Only One First-Order Problem: Poor Adults
4.27.2006 Provide clear, stark, effective accountability for government bureaucrats, department heads, policy makers, and other officials by publicizing their names and contact information - ESPECIALLY EMAIL!
4.27.2006 Ugly political street signs be gone!
4.27.2006 Move the Capitol building to McLean, VA
4.27.2006 Common Cents - The DC Quarter
4.27.2006 Affordable and integrated housing
4.27.2006 Painted parking spaces in residential neighborhoods
4.27.2006 Diversity, Diplomacy & Mediation
4.27.2006 Public Parking Lots
4.27.2006 At Last, A Good Use For Automated Phone Technology - A Phone Call Can Prevent Pollution
4.27.2006 Free up congested streets by eliminating excessive metrobus stops
4.27.2006 Restructure City Serivces
4.27.2006 Stop Blocking Sidewalks During Construction
4.27.2006 DC schools have an "out of sight, out of mind" problem. Your everyday DC resident has no idea how bad the conditions are.
4.26.2006 Traffic Light Notifying Drivers of Oncoming Emergency Vehicle
4.26.2006 Orienting Metro users when exiting stations
4.26.2006 Immigrants Should Speak English in Public
4.26.2006 Unclog City Streets by Encouraging Bicycle Use
4.26.2006 Require Recycling in DC (and area) Schools
4.26.2006 Beat Cops at Metro Stops
4.26.2006 Consider representation through Maryland
4.26.2006 Hold a Ballot Initiative to Expel Congress
4.26.2006 Inadequate Parenting Skills
4.26.2006 Offering a Commuter Bus into Downtown DC for Prince George's County residents to save commuters money because of the increasing price of gas.
4.26.2006 Funnel all campaign contributions through the parties and remove gaflies from the ballot.
4.26.2006 Prune the voter rolls.
4.26.2006 Charter Amendments by Initiative
4.26.2006 Eliminate the income tax and use tax reform to enact a living wage.
4.26.2006 The People's Constitutional Convention
4.26.2006 Audit services to the NCSA and fund them with a no-year appropriation
4.26.2006 Full federal funding of Medicaid
4.26.2006 Regional funding for education, corrections and social services.
4.26.2006 Youth magazine generated by highschool groups discussing problems of violence, teen pregnancy and drugs, providing a forum for understanding and solutions.
4.25.2006 Hard to identify the appropriate public servant to help with a problem. Publish names and contact info of such officials. Empowers the public. Promotes accountability.
4.25.2006 Boosting City Tax Revenues By Charging Sales and/or Hotel Taxes on Leases to Nonresidents and Commercial Entities Leasing Residential Property.
4.25.2006 Our Kids Need Nature/We've Got It! - Survivor: Anacostia
4.25.2006 Sensitizing Metro travelers to the law by the use of art, creative language, and consistency.
4.25.2006 Payment in-lieu-of Taxes (PILOT) Project
4.25.2006 The DC Income Tax Lottery Program
4.25.2006 Encouraging Positive Behavior
4.25.2006 Revitalizing Homes for the Middle Class in DC
4.25.2006 Why all Wards should recieve same Department of Public Work services.
4.25.2006 Fixing the city through the minds of the feared.
4.25.2006 "Green" DC Public Schools Would Improve Children's Health
4.25.2006 Promoting positive teens and keeping them off the street.
4.24.2006 Parking Tickets- Discount for prompt payments
4.24.2006 Restrooms in Metro Stations
4.24.2006 Vending Kiosks and small shops in the Metro Rail stations
4.24.2006 Fair Taxi Cab Fares
4.24.2006 Make Churches Pay Taxes (Payments-in-lieu-of-services)
4.24.2006 Managing Pedestrian Trafffic
4.24.2006 My idea title is gas price
4.24.2006 Let's get cars off the road ASAP by encouraging residents and others to use motorcycles and scooters to get into the city.
4.24.2006 Incent Accessory Units in New Townhouse Construction and Rowhouse Rehabilitation
4.24.2006 Don't Block The Box - or else!
4.24.2006 Homeowners can be capable workers - let them work on their own houses
4.24.2006 Reduce Congestion through promotion of motorcycles
4.24.2006 E-books for DCPS
4.24.2006 Teaching Topic for Middle and High School Students
4.24.2006 Require Mandatory 5-year Breaks for all DCPS Classroom Teachers and School-Based Administrators.
4.24.2006 Can create new companies and good paying jobs based on the research conducted at its universities
4.24.2006 It's a Beautiful Day in the (Black) Gayborhood (or, We Don't Do Bette Midler).
4.24.2006 Habitat for DC
4.24.2006 A Neighborhood Gateway for Shaw
4.24.2006 Washington Gets WREAL* *Walkers and Runners Engaged Against Litter
4.24.2006 School-based health clinics for children, families, and adults.
4.24.2006 Unclog the Streets with a DC Scooter Program
4.24.2006 Parking Improvements
4.24.2006 Increase Internal Affairs portion of MPD budget
4.24.2006 Congestion charging for a liveable city
4.24.2006 Bring Primary Care to the People: Step-Van Mobile Clinics Make Care Up Close (as in Accessible) and Personal
4.24.2006 Bicycle Lending Program ("ZipBike") modeled on Toronto's BikeShare program
4.24.2006 Give regular public tours of the Wilson Building. We could bring in tourists off Pennsylvania Avenue and teach thousands about DC's lack of voting rights.
4.24.2006 Allow Bikes on Metro During Rush Hour With A "Rush Hour Bike License"!
4.24.2006 Limit truck deliveries to non-rush hours, easing traffic and pollution while also making the streets safer.
4.24.2006 Bring more families back to DC by offering a $5,000 per child local tax credit.
4.24.2006 Report cards for school principals, which can be reviewed by parents who want to evaluate the school.
4.23.2006 DC Cab Cruise Lights: End the Confusion. On Means Vacant
4.23.2006 The DC Tourist Industry Needs to Get It's Multilingual Web Act Together
4.23.2006 Teach Speed Printing in DC's Schools Not Cursive. Save Class Time, Prevent Handwriting Errors.
4.23.2006 District of Columbia Office of Community Service and Advocacy PROPOSAL SUMMARY
4.23.2006 Change for Children
4.23.2006 Offer ipod type devices explaining the exhibits for museum visitors.
4.23.2006 Require Organizations that use Lamp Post Banner to Pay a Fee Comparable to Other Forms of Street Advertising.
4.23.2006 Sponsor a National DC Self Government Essay Contest for High School Students
4.23.2006 Credit Freeze Legislation for DC Consumers
4.23.2006 Allow Police to Use Counterfeit Bills to Disrupt Drug Dealers Economy.
4.23.2006 Train Summer Youth Program Participants to Do Home Safety, Fire Inspections
4.23.2006 Barcodes for A Better Traffic Ticket Writing System
4.23.2006 Wifi Metrorail - Underground, But Not Out of Touch
4.23.2006 DC's current residential recycling program falls short of its potential.
4.23.2006 A Flower Pot on Every Corner
4.23.2006 Use the Eyes and Ears of the DC Parking Enforcement Officers
4.23.2006 Beat Cops
4.22.2006 Pic' the trash creators!! The city streets are littered with trash. Solicit pictures and footage of the offending trash creators and publicize the footage.
4.22.2006 Policing of our communities is difficult and not usually possible without a strong police presence to curb crime. Volunteer Crime-fighters is the solution.
4.22.2006 Protect nightclub/bar patron's safety
4.22.2006 Voter Registration deadline
4.22.2006 No commuter tax? Until we get it, reversible roads favor DC residents.
4.22.2006 Community Good News Networks (version 2)
4.22.2006 child support tracking card
4.22.2006 Sharing cost and responsibility for crime prevention with neighbors and the local police precinct.
4.21.2006 Everyone here has terrible allergies. Plants sold and planted by developers should come with an allergy rating.
4.21.2006 If I Wasn't Supposed to Park There, Then Why Wasn't There a Sign!
4.21.2006 AIDS/HIV Education in Exchange for AIDS/HIV Medication, as well as Condom Machines.
4.21.2006 Bring back the Trolly!
4.21.2006 Make Property Tax Assessments Self Assessing, Simpler Fairer
4.21.2006 A Laptop for Every Public and Charter School Teacher
4.21.2006 Eliminate Litter - "Pick up 3 on the 3rd"
4.21.2006 What to do with the MLK Library
4.21.2006 Online Access for Ward 7 and 8
4.21.2006 Mayoral Council
4.21.2006 Get Kids Reading and Math Facts Right
4.21.2006 Parenting "A Village Raises a Child"
4.21.2006 Improve DC Ambulance Service
4.21.2006 Stop Dumping Evicted Tenants Things on the Street.
4.21.2006 Make all Metrorail and Metrobus rides, free.
4.21.2006 Return to a Citizen Council
4.21.2006 Capitol Scholars
4.21.2006 Solar Micropowerstaions
4.21.2006 say goodbye to noise pollution/excessive car horn ticket at a time.
4.21.2006 Customer Service Excellence Competition
4.21.2006 Starbucks in Metro
4.21.2006 Tax Rebate for Owners of Rent Controlled Housing
4.21.2006 Reclaim 'Dupont Underground' space
4.21.2006 Stop Blocking the Box
4.21.2006 A New Tax and a Little Tax Relief for DC
4.21.2006 Education Can Be the Silver Bullett
4.20.2006 How to encourage primary and secondary public school teachers to live and work in specific high cost of housing DC suburbs.
4.20.2006 Teach the Importance of RESPECT!
4.20.2006 Creating Success Through a Involved Democracy.
4.20.2006 Saving Energy through the use of Wind Turbines
4.20.2006 Helping Children and Social Workers by Digitizing Foster Care and Social Services Records
4.20.2006 Improving Reading Skills and Sense of Community through Literacy Education
4.20.2006 Respect Thy Neighbor Law
4.20.2006 Take All Crime Seriously
4.20.2006 Increasing Funding for TANF Recipients in D.C.!!!
4.20.2006 Corner of Wisconsin and M Sts
4.20.2006 Cleaner City
4.20.2006 Questionnaires That Help Build Caring Communities
4.20.2006 Combining volunteer efforts to improve all of DC
4.20.2006 Foster and Maintain School Choice for Parents of DC Schoolchildren
4.20.2006 VolunteerChek: Help Businesses Facilitate Employee Volunteerism to Improve Education in Washington
4.20.2006 Raise The Roof For Affordable Housing: Coupling An Easing of the Building Height Restriction With An Incentive For Developers to Create Affordable Units
4.20.2006 The Capitol Clean-Up Project (CCUP) -- Where Healthy Streets Make Healthy Living
4.20.2006 Trim DCPS Fat
4.20.2006 Paint-ball Penalties for Stupid Drivers
4.20.2006 Further Driving the Idea of Taxation without Representation
4.20.2006 Online MetroBus Tracking
4.20.2006 Two for One- Meeting Employment Needs in DC
4.20.2006 Arrival Times OUTSIDE Metro Stations - and online
4.20.2006 Give the Schools to the Teachers as the best way to privatize education.
4.20.2006 Bringing DCPS up to the year 2006. Taking it by Force for the Children!
4.20.2006 Rebuild the District's Safety Net
4.20.2006 Funds for People Who Do Not Receive Paid Sick Leave
4.20.2006 Children ride long distances to get to school. Give good administrators power to improve neighborhood public schools. Poverty, crime and gridlock will decrease.
4.20.2006 Reducing traffic on Military Road.
4.20.2006 Suspend street cleaning parking rules on code red/orange air quality days.
4.20.2006 Inspiring Student Commitment through City Commitment: Addressing failing student interest and achievement.
4.20.2006 license street panhandlers
4.20.2006 Schools in Crisis
4.20.2006 Establish "Pace Cars" in DC
4.20.2006 Violent Crime: Curb it with effective policy and departmental cooperation
4.20.2006 Solving the problem of inconsiderate drivers who double park vehicles in traffic lanes through the extensive use of "Spatula Cars".
4.20.2006 Solving DC's Problems: A Five-Pronged Approach
4.20.2006 Understanding homelessness and panhandling
4.20.2006 Increasing Teacher/Parent Responsibility for Failure/Success of Grade School Students in DC Public Schools
4.20.2006 Increase Parking in Mid-City to support a thriving business community- tear down the Reeves Building and erect a multi-story garage.
4.20.2006 Stop using Ticket collection as tax revenue
4.20.2006 To get rid of people who ride bicycles without regard to basic traffic laws, pedestrians, and civilized standard courtesies.
4.20.2006 Allow buildings to exceed present height limits if they meet "Green" building standards.
4.20.2006 Lower sales taxes to invite more retail business.
4.20.2006 Help for the Left Turn Weary Driver
4.20.2006 Expanded before and after school services in the public schools
4.20.2006 Housing for community/health care workers
4.20.2006 Make a difference in the drop out rate in school!!!
4.20.2006 When you've gotta go, you've gotta go....
4.19.2006 Help the public schools fix themselves by allowing them to keep more of their own money
4.19.2006 It's Time to Break the Taboo and Pay High School Students
4.19.2006 Establish a DC Government "Youth Cabinet" to Promote Youth Issues and Foster Civic Engagement
4.19.2006 Reorganize the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
4.19.2006 Ask Every School Administrator & Worker What They Did Today
4.19.2006 It's time for a DC State Fair!
4.19.2006 DC Regatta
4.19.2006 "Servicing the Community"
4.19.2006 National Capital Tax
4.19.2006 Creating room for the creative classes
4.19.2006 Make the Anacostia more exciting with an annual fishing tournament
4.19.2006 Repeal Handgun Ban
4.19.2006 Make DC Teacher Salaries Competitive With Higher Paid Professions (Like Doctors & Laywers)
4.19.2006 Working Together For The Common Good of All Men
4.19.2006 Repairing DC schools
4.18.2006 Fixing DC Public Schools and Libraries
4.18.2006 Mandate Parental Involvement, Make a Difference in DC Public Schools
4.18.2006 Fix the TaxiCab System -- Please!
4.18.2006 Allow food and drink on the Metro
4.18.2006 A new way to manage the nations only city
4.18.2006 Growing the Arts Locally
4.18.2006 IPCR Journal/Newsletters-- Monthly local community and regional publications associated with The Interfaith Peacebuilding and Community Revitalization (IPCR) Initiative
4.18.2006 The Interfaith Peacebuilding and Community Revitalization (IPCR) Initiative (Version 2)
4.18.2006 Affordable Housing for Employees of Non-Profit Organizations and the Public School System
4.18.2006 NO Turn on RED signs at Intersection
4.18.2006 Form the 51st State of "Columbia" from DC and the surrounding Northern VA and Maryland counties.
4.18.2006 inproving the dc inspection station
4.18.2006 mega parking garages for free.
4.18.2006 Citizen's Technical Committee
4.18.2006 Metro Station Safety Managers
4.18.2006 Parking in the city.
4.18.2006 Driving on Georgia Ave.
4.18.2006 More Help Available for Working Families
4.18.2006 Traffic Congestion
4.18.2006 Metro bus improvement suggestion which encourages people to explore the city and support more businesses while significantly decreasing traffic congestion and pollution.
4.18.2006 Getting kids off the streets and selling drugs.
4.18.2006 Simplify Paying for On-Street Parking and Parking Tickets
4.18.2006 DC Needs Pedestrian "All Walks" - At Least Downtown and in Commuter Laden Areas
4.18.2006 Celebrate!
4.18.2006 Metro 2050 - Develop and implement a vision for a dramatically larger (2-3X) metro underground system.
4.18.2006 Dog racing at RFK stadium when the Nats move to their new stadium in 2008
4.18.2006 Improving the Streets of DC
4.18.2006 Pedestrian and Bike Thoroughfares
4.18.2006 Require counseling for people who have been in traumatic situations.
4.18.2006 BikeChecks - Allow employers to give pre-tax benefits to promote cycling to work!
4.18.2006 Giant, 8-story climbing wall in the District to improve fitness, encourage activity, use vacant space and promote tourism
4.18.2006 Emergency room openness to help patients and family
4.18.2006 Relief for residents in 'No Parking - Street Cleaning' areas
4.18.2006 Resolving Traffic/Parking W/I the DC Metropolitan Area
4.18.2006 Housing for the homeless
4.18.2006 College growth fund for low income residents
4.18.2006 High-Line Walkway/Bikeway
4.18.2006 Stop the Storage Scam
4.18.2006 Public Transportation Tax Credit/Swipe Card
4.18.2006 Microchip registration for dogs/cats - This limits the number of dogs in the city and improves animal care
4.18.2006 Personal Development For Today's Youth. Enstill power, respect and confidence.
4.18.2006 Double-Decker Buses
4.18.2006 Increased, Enforced Security Presence At All Hours of the Night in the Brookland/Michigan Park Community (Northeast)
4.18.2006 "I was thisty and you gave me water"
4.18.2006 The University of the District of Columbia is not living up to its potential and needs a physical and psychic uplift and expansion
4.18.2006 Improving the District of Columbia's Workforce so that the City can Better Resolve its Continuing Issues
4.18.2006 GPS for 911 calls from cell phones
4.18.2006 Trash breeds Crime
4.18.2006 Hang out in the neighborhoods
4.18.2006 HOUSING
4.18.2006 Involve youth in helping others; employing them in this way will also give them a positive way to spend their time.
4.18.2006 Crime In The District
4.18.2006 Dealing with the problems in Washington, D.C. the Nation Capital.
4.18.2006 The aging of the National Capital Area -- when is a problem not a problem?
4.18.2006 School Closings and Remodeling
4.18.2006 A Simpler Solution - "Improvement Day"
4.18.2006 Close the Pay Gap between DC Union & Non-Union Employees
4.18.2006 Commuter Tax to Encourage Suburban Families to Return to DC
4.18.2006 Metro Safety on the trains and riding the escalator.
4.18.2006 Uplifting D.C. Residents
4.18.2006 Making the District of Columbia the 51st state in the United States of America
4.18.2006 Putting the School Bus back into School.
4.17.2006 Every Child is special and deserves the right to maximize his or her potential.
4.17.2006 Relieve Rush Hour Congestion within DC via rigid enforcement of "No Parking/No Standing" Lanes during rush hour and ALL TIMES they are noted enforced.
4.17.2006 Maximize the quantity of DC Residential Parking Spaces by painting "spaces" delineating approximate parking boundaries, thereby eliminating countless "wasted spaces" and maximizing Residential Parking capacity.
4.17.2006 Parent Education
4.17.2006 Affordable daycare, happier retirement homes
4.17.2006 Tax Incentive
4.17.2006 Outsourcing of jobs
4.17.2006 Low Income Tax Abatement for housing - Stem tide of unqualified individuals receiving it
4.17.2006 Turning Around Education - The Silver Bullett Bold and High Stakes
4.17.2006 How to build a better city.
4.17.2006 Apply Strategies of the 1930's Works Progress Administration To Address Chronic Unemployment Among Poor DC Residents Due to Lack of Skills or Work Readiness
4.17.2006 (Housing in DC): There should be camunities spread all over the city-rental with option to BUY. Helps poor to become homeowners in DC.
4.16.2006 Transform District of Columbia from a District to an Enclave.
4.16.2006 Reinstate DC's rat extermination program
4.16.2006 SmarTrip-GPS Device on Taxis
4.15.2006 Add some life to the catacombs called METRO Rail Underground
4.15.2006 Make DC Teachers retire after 20 years or transition them into role of GUIDE TEACHER
4.15.2006 Pay students to attend School
4.15.2006 Monorail
4.15.2006 Instant Runoff Voting for DC Elections
4.15.2006 Sponsor DC University Technology Research, and Fund Local New Business Startups to Create Productive Jobs, at the Expense of Plantation-like Padded City Bureaucracies
4.14.2006 Agencies to Promote Traffic Reduction by Persuasive Programs
4.14.2006 Get Tough on Repeat Offenders
4.14.2006 Departments of Economic and Communtiy Development
4.14.2006 Department of Health reorganization
4.14.2006 Department of Parks and Recreation.
4.14.2006 Department of Sanitation
4.14.2006 Limiting Congressional Meddling in District Affairs
4.14.2006 Agelessness of Informational Access
4.14.2006 Stop unsightly and dangerous beverage container litter before it starts by providing a 5 or 10-cent incentive to recycle and a disincentive to litter
4.14.2006 Improving DC Libraries
4.14.2006 MEDICARE PART D: Recommendations for Policy Revision and Better Implementation
4.13.2006 District Government Employee Morale Initiative
4.13.2006 Rebuild DC communities through comprehensive planning and development while maintaining architectural integrity and identity preservation.
4.13.2006 Change DC public high Schools to allow students in high school to major in particular subject areas.
4.13.2006 Turning The Lives Of Our Young People Around
4.13.2006 Parking Zone Sticker Expansion Act of 2006: Allow residents that live and work in the city to buy a second parking zone sticker.
4.13.2006 Three Pronged Transit Solution
4.13.2006 A way to connect individual donors directly to teachers and their classrooms in DC Public Schools
4.13.2006 Require Independent Schools to Participate in Mitigating Traffic
4.13.2006 WAKE UP the Council!
4.13.2006 Tax-Free Housing Savings Account
4.12.2006 Let's set a positive example for the nation by placing recycling bins on our downtown streets, the Mall, and other high-traffic areas.
4.12.2006 Clean Air Compliance Fee Reduces Congestion and Pollution While Raising Funds for Transit
4.12.2006 Property Tax Reform Reduces Blight While Creating More Affordable Housing and More Jobs
4.12.2006 Reintroduce Half-Day Preschool and Kindergarten Programs
4.12.2006 Plant a radish-gardening in DC schools is fun, educational and healthy
4.12.2006 Prevent gang activity now before is too late
4.12.2006 Why DC citizens need to take back their city from failed cutting-edge ideas
4.12.2006 Higher Education Lottery
4.12.2006 Fixing the Flow of Traffic During Rush Hour
4.12.2006 Voting Rights Start at the Capital.
4.12.2006 Expanded Condom Availability
4.12.2006 A Campaign to Promote the Self-Worth of DC Residents
4.12.2006 Start Changing the Rules
4.11.2006 Simple Ideas to Keep METRO's Passenger-Traffic Flowing.
4.11.2006 A practical metered Taxi system
4.11.2006 Downtown Pedestrian Traffic
4.10.2006 Bring high schoolers' community service home where it's needed!
4.10.2006 DC needs a mural program like Philly!
4.10.2006 Billions of Bridges
4.10.2006 Increase citizen participation in our government
4.10.2006 Give young people an alternative to high school and college with an expansive technical/trade education system that meshes with an apprenticeship program upon graduation.
4.10.2006 Small dogs are grrrreat companions for senior citizens living in apartment buildings.
4.10.2006 Motivate residents to treat the appearance of the District as a personal issue
4.10.2006 Beautifying the D.C. area and increasing community participation through an art competition to design new manhole covers in the D.C. area
4.10.2006 Abandon Statehood, Eliminate Federal Income Taxes, and Cut Taxes
4.10.2006 Affordable Home-ownership for all classes.
4.10.2006 Parent Welcome Center to centralize public/charter school admissions
4.10.2006 Enclosed mall on F and G streets, from 9th to 15th streets
4.10.2006 Make Meridian Hill Park a Showcase
4.10.2006 A Simple Solution to Transport the City's Low-Income and Disabled Children and Adults
4.10.2006 What's in a name? Perception!
4.10.2006 Rewards for Civil Servant, Volunteer and City Government Performance
4.10.2006 We are not a state, so stop calling us one!
4.10.2006 Own the problem--Be the solution!
4.09.2006 Build a light rail system.
4.09.2006 DC is a first class city. The city's management should act that way.
4.09.2006 An Improved Housing Model: Mixed-Income, Affordable Housing That Builds Strong Communities
4.09.2006 Break Height Cap/Build More Affordable Housing
4.09.2006 Mixed Land Use
4.09.2006 Making Health Care Safer
4.09.2006 Saving the Health Care System from Bankruptcy
4.08.2006 DC Public Schools should provide transportation from children's homes directly to school.
4.08.2006 Mandate that people get paid hourly for the hours they work, so that they would wouldn't waste as much time commuting.
4.08.2006 Wave real estate fees for people buying a house significantly closer to work.
4.08.2006 A Good Plan for the City, Clean and Simple.
4.08.2006 Achieving the goals of tort reform with self-regulation rather than legislation
4.08.2006 Community Visioning Initiatives for Peace
4.08.2006 The Interfaith Peacebuilding and Community Revitalization (IPCR) Initiative
4.08.2006 Balanced Harmony for Traffic and Pedestrians - When traffic and pedestrians clash someone always looses, most times everyone looses, physically, mentally and financially.
4.08.2006 Organize Local Scientific Resources to Create an 'Early Warning System' for the Major Tsunami Threat to the National Capital Region
4.08.2006 DC Gridlock Solution: Tow Trucks at Major Routes, Change Pedestrian Street Crossing Patterns, Extend Rush Hour Times According to Area and Reduce Left Turns
4.08.2006 Geomapping Crime: Pinpoint Responses
4.08.2006 Parents/Teachers Night: Attendance Mandatory
4.08.2006 Community Good News Networks
4.08.2006 Rewrite the DC Income Tax Code to give credits for responsible urban choices
4.07.2006 Bike Routes Please All!
4.07.2006 Unaffordable housing.
4.07.2006 Charge the right price for parking to reduce traffic congestion, improve retail access, and invest in communities.
4.07.2006 Ombudsman for Government Staff
4.07.2006 Support Services
4.07.2006 Homeless
4.07.2006 DC Public School System
4.07.2006 Government oversight by the City council
4.07.2006 Build Airsides "D", "E" and "F" for Reagan National Airport at Bolling AFB, w/ Elevated or Submerged "People Mover" or Tram Tunnel Across Potomac
4.07.2006 "Education is our Business" borrowed from title of oped Post article by Stephen Porter 4/2/06
4.07.2006 Encourage Distributed Manufacturing "Insourcing" by Major Foreign & U.S. Companies Through District-Insured "Work-at-Home" Clearinghouse
4.07.2006 MALL TROLLEY
4.07.2006 Fund Parole Relocation Grants of $10,000 Each to the 2,100 Prison Inmates Released in DC Annually, for Moves Outside the Metro Area
4.07.2006 Base Property Taxes on Realized Value
4.07.2006 A State of the Arts Forsensic Lab for Crimes Committed in the Nations Capital
4.07.2006 End Long Lines at Inspection Stations
4.07.2006 Directory of Development and Planning Agencies
4.07.2006 Clear the way for progress
4.07.2006 4x4's should be either banned from city streets or heavily taxed
4.07.2006 Residential Parking--Logan Circle
4.07.2006 Single Sex Schools
4.07.2006 Computers for Schools meets community service requirements
4.07.2006 Parking garage under the mall
4.07.2006 Clean Up DC
4.07.2006 Crack down on speeders and stop-sign runners in residential neighborhoods
4.07.2006 Incentives and funding for business owners to help men and women returning home from prison.
4.07.2006 Establish Large-Scale Study & Planning Exercise on Climatic Sea-Level Rise and Regional Impact Negation
4.07.2006 Transportation
4.07.2006 A dedicated drug hotline
4.07.2006 To decrease crime level the District needs mandatory jail time for gun related crimes.
4.07.2006 Taking Recycling to the Streets of DC!
4.06.2006 Require the Metropolitan Police Department to Rigorously Enforce U.S. Immigration Law in All Local Law Enforcement Efforts
4.06.2006 "Librariums" to Compete w/ Schools
4.06.2006 Build a New Municipal Parking Garage Over 12th Street, SW, Between Jefferson & Independence to Earn Tourist Parking Dollars and Reduce Mall Traffic Congestion
4.06.2006 Create a Comprehensive Video Database/Catalogue of DC Museums, Galleries, Monuments, Performing Arts, Nightlife, etc. to Help Tourists Spend More Time/Money in the District
4.06.2006 Reducing Neighborhood Trash
4.06.2006 Extend UDC to function as a Community College
4.06.2006 Let the Catholics Run DC Public Schools
4.06.2006 Healthcare for all
4.06.2006 Designate a "social" car on the metro
4.06.2006 End Gridlock at Little Cost to City
4.06.2006 Eradicate Illiteracy- starting with a Children's Library
4.06.2006 Build a highway under Rock Creek Park
4.06.2006 Cleaner DC
4.06.2006 Require Transportation Demand Management - which reduces traffic and parking demand, while increasing choices and creating a less congested, pedestrian-friendly city
4.06.2006 Applying Modern-Day Business Efficiency Techniques to the DC Government: Outsourcing to Our Government Neighbors and Giving DC Residents the Efficient Services They Deserve
4.05.2006 Citywide WiFi!
4.05.2006 Ban cars in downtown DC
4.05.2006 Recycling in Metro stations
4.05.2006 Create an Ownership Stake in the DC Public Library
4.05.2006 Develop Federal Rooftops for NGOs
4.05.2006 Greener DC today, for Cleaner Air tomorrow
4.05.2006 Create a beatiful city park on the site of the old convention center!
4.05.2006 Increase affordable housing in the District.
4.05.2006 Restaurant Tax Credit
4.05.2006 Turning the "at risk" into community leaders
4.05.2006 Expand access to higher education by building a higher education center East-of-the-River and creating a need-based financial aid program.
4.05.2006 Buy back guns
4.05.2006 Washington's biggest probem is children without proper families.
4.05.2006 Jitney mini busses for D.C.
4.05.2006 Lights Out on DC: A Day to Celebrate the Blind
4.05.2006 Homes & centers for the elderly should be co-located with youth centers and orphanages.
4.05.2006 Reduce "No Turn on Red" Signs
4.04.2006 Curbing three epidemics in DC
4.04.2006 City-wide School Libraries Project
4.04.2006 RFK Stadium Youth Athletic Complex
4.04.2006 Chocolate Milk solves everything...
4.04.2006 Blended Funding for Services for At Risk Children
4.04.2006 Rebuild the Schools: Architect Contest
4.04.2006 Maximize parking spaces in residential areas
4.04.2006 Light the fountain in Dupont Circle
4.04.2006 synchronizing traffic lights
4.04.2006 Address the city's hunger, obesity, malnutrition and diabetes issues by teaching people how to cook and eat well.
4.04.2006 Free Public Preschool
4.04.2006 Make hunger and malnutrition illegal for children and the elderly in the District of Columbia.
4.04.2006 Competitive, High Quality Public Schools: Within Our Reach
4.04.2006 Ban Pocketbikes in the District
4.04.2006 Install Speed Humps on Residential Streets flanked by major roadways
4.04.2006 FIX THE SCHOOLS: If the schools are as good as the suburban schools, or private schools, then people won't leave DC: public/private partnerships.
4.04.2006 DC Supermarkets Need to Clearly Mark WIC Approved Food Items on the Storeshelves
4.04.2006 Mental Health Care in the DC area
4.04.2006 Resolving Homelessness among the city's Elderly and Disabled.
4.04.2006 Reaching sexually active Students Early.
4.04.2006 Metro Bus live time schedule available by phone and internet
4.04.2006 Creating a Nonprofit Incubator for DC
4.04.2006 Allow after care housed in DC public school buildings to stay open until at least 6:30pm
4.04.2006 No State Tax
4.04.2006 The Capital and Hi-Rise Development
4.04.2006 We need to revamp the entire DC taxi cab system. Driving a cab in the city should be a privilege not a right.
4.04.2006 Look at what other cities do and try that
4.04.2006 End Federal Income Tax for Residents of DC
4.04.2006 Clearer Taxi Fares
4.04.2006 Improve DC schools by splitting into mutliple school districts to create competition.
4.04.2006 Beautify the City
4.04.2006 Develop a Youth Empowerment Program
4.03.2006 Culturally Competent Systems, Services & Interventions That include but are not limited to Linguistic issues. Base on Completion of First Resource & Needs Assessment on
4.03.2006 Expand and Improve the Metro and Metro Bus Service to Make the City More Physically Accessible to All
4.03.2006 Tax Incentives for Smoke-Free Apartment Buildings
4.03.2006 Reopen a Bigger and Better City Museum and Make it More Accessible to All
4.03.2006 Character Counts
4.03.2006 Cure gridlock with photo enforcement
4.03.2006 Move the President's Residence out of D.C.
4.03.2006 Bury 395
4.03.2006 A Grocery Store in Ward 8.
4.03.2006 Let's Stomp Out HIV among DC Youth & Young Adults
4.03.2006 Parking signs
4.03.2006 Music and Arts Mentoring Program
4.03.2006 Art is meant for everyone!
4.03.2006 Balancing the budget and cleaning the air
4.03.2006 Private landscaping and maintenance of public spaces in exchange for advertising.
4.03.2006 Keep the dialogue alive.
4.03.2006 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue Childrens' Summer Theater
4.03.2006 Registration of Out-of-State tagged Automobiles (ROSA)
4.02.2006 Rescind Silly DC Law, Take Power Away From Abusive DC Police
4.02.2006 Eliminate Drugs at Home
4.02.2006 Enforcement of a Loitering Law in DC
4.02.2006 How to meet school safety and security concerns, create jobs amd improve MPD candidate pool.
4.02.2006 Buying Children a Future
4.02.2006 Hiring people that actually like what they do
4.02.2006 We need to get the police back involved in the schools and the community.
4.02.2006 Enabling District of Columbia Parking Services Personnel to Help Find Stolen Vehciles
4.02.2006 Build a bubble around the district
4.02.2006 "Criminals Beware- D.C.'s Camera-Cops are Watching You"
4.01.2006 Assign a mentor family for all unwed mothers who apply for medicaid assistance and welfare.
4.01.2006 Great Legacy For Our Youth Today: What Have YOU Done In Preparation For Tomorrow?
4.01.2006 Snack Tax
4.01.2006 bike lanes throughout the city
4.01.2006 City-wide affordable units in luxury condo buildings, extra housing discounts for social workers, teachers and other community service jobs
4.01.2006 High-Volume Security Scanning for Public Transportation Systems
4.01.2006 Neighorhood Schools; Neighborhood Centers
4.01.2006 "Taxation Without Representation Field" - Rename the New Baseball Stadium!!!
3.31.2006 Make a Real Difference: A Ten Point Plan to Reform Public Education in a Meaningful Way
3.31.2006 Financial incentives for liquor store owners to convert their stores to uses beneficial to the community
3.31.2006 Long Range Plans for Addressing the High Unemployment Rate among inner-city residents with little education and former inmates
3.31.2006 Building the Bridge to College
3.31.2006 Reduce school drop-outs by reducing absence and tardiness using enhanced IT systems
3.31.2006 Increasing Civic Responsibility while Decreasing Youth Violence
3.31.2006 Smack people in the head when they do something stupid!
3.31.2006 Metro Employees Should Metro to Work
3.31.2006 Housing needs: Programs based on housing for senior citizens and disabled individuals. Importance of Housing to be provided for individuals with HIV+ or have Aids
3.31.2006 Rent Control brings people in
3.31.2006 Pulling Over for Emergency Vehicles
3.31.2006 Re-unify the city, make it more liveable and increase revenues without displacing anyone at all ever.
3.31.2006 Perimeter Seating for Metrorail Cars
3.31.2006 Text Messaged Metro Transit Notification
3.31.2006 Linking Teachers, Libraries and Schools With Information Technology
3.31.2006 Improve government effectiveness
3.31.2006 A Much Needed Change Reshaping the Way People live in the District of Columbia
3.31.2006 More Methadone Maintenance Treatment
3.31.2006 Stroller, wagon, and bike trailer rentals facilitate more family outings downtown.
3.30.2006 Streamline District Government by Reducing Bureaucracy and Clerical Overhead by 20% of Total Workforce - Apply Savings to Help Furloughed Workers Create New Productive Jobs
3.30.2006 Police Subsidy for Troubled Neighborhoods
3.30.2006 Cut out welfare. It only holds people down. Make welfare something attainable only if you go to occupational school or college.
3.30.2006 Apply Proceeds of St. Elizabeth's Land, Sold as Homeland Security Headquarters, to Construct New Homeless Rehabilitation Dormatories, Emptying DC Parks of Smelly Bums
3.30.2006 Odd jobs in the community and cash for the homeless
3.30.2006 Cover RFK Stadium and Convert it into a Clean Green High Tech Industrial Park for 21st Century Sustainable Manufacturing Industries: "The Anacostia Industrium"
3.30.2006 No taxation without representation.
3.30.2006 Bolster the Ranks of Public School Teachers with Local Graduate/Professional Students
3.30.2006 To place doors on the metro.
3.30.2006 Getting DC crime under control
3.30.2006 Require District Power Plants to Burn All Municipal Solid Waste & Sewage Sludge Made in DC as Green Fuels & Reduce PEPCO Bills by Net
3.30.2006 DC Should Award a Tax Credit to Parents of Troubled Teenagers
3.30.2006 Professional Standards for Taxi Drivers
3.30.2006 A Few Playgrounds wouldn't hurt
3.30.2006 Tame the Tourist Horde
3.30.2006 "Ten thoughts on improving my neighborhood: Shaw"
3.30.2006 Lower Property Tax on Homes -- Tax Profits on Sale of Home Instead.
3.30.2006 Enforce Jaywalking Laws
3.30.2006 Bring Back Taxi Stands
3.30.2006 Massachusetts Avenue Traffic
3.30.2006 Public Libraries - Crumbling Resources That Need Support!
3.30.2006 DC's Digital Divide
3.30.2006 Organized Tax Strike
3.30.2006 carless streets reserved for bicycles
3.30.2006 High density street user fees for driving in D.C. during high volume hours.
3.30.2006 Voting Rights for All (Starting Locally): Open Primaries for DC Elections
3.30.2006 Paved bike paths on the Mall; more food options on the Mall; more child-oriented activities on the Mall
3.30.2006 Decriminalize It
3.30.2006 Make it better? Why?
3.30.2006 DC Needs to Listen to Its Residents -- They Know Best!
3.30.2006 Walk Left, Stand Right
3.30.2006 Athletes to Help Fund Education
3.30.2006 Police Walking the Streets
3.30.2006 License plates and drivers' licenses
3.30.2006 Reactive Police--Walking the beat and Community Policing
3.30.2006 Developing Students' Basic Math Computation Skills
3.30.2006 Impose a commuter tax
3.30.2006 Pride of D.C. Street Cleanup Day
3.30.2006 Washington DC Recycles
3.30.2006 Stop the Sale of Single-Serving Alcoholic Beverages
3.30.2006 Expansion of the Yellow Line
3.29.2006 The District's schoolteachers, police officers, and firefighters must be able to live a middle-class life
3.29.2006 Potholes in the city tear up my nice car!
3.29.2006 Stop the sale of crack pipes in local convenience stores
3.29.2006 Lack of affordable healthy food options lead to obesity in communities of color and low-income communities
3.29.2006 DC is a trashy place because we throw litter around for someone else to pick up
3.29.2006 Seems like only suburbanites get to park illegally
3.29.2006 Improving Metro commutes
3.29.2006 Making D.C. a Better Place by Improving Our Nationals

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