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Ideas by Topic

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Topic: Employment

5.06.2006 Economic and Youth Development(JOBS)
5.05.2006 DC Residential Reinforcement of Workforce Core, our RROWC (our rock)
5.05.2006 Illegal parking near Monuments (during rush hour) - Summertime solution
5.05.2006 Schools of Excellence
5.05.2006 Stop Giving the Youth Felony Time for Misdemeanor Offenses
5.05.2006 DC Assistance Program--Helping All of DC by Helping Ex-Offenders.
5.05.2006 Reducing welfare caseloads, illiteracy, crime, drug addiction, and births to unwed mothers -- with one program
5.05.2006 DC Waterfront Property required to be mixed-use Development
5.05.2006 Federal employees/contractors work at home
5.05.2006 A Major New 'Industry' for DC: the Science of Living and Dying in America
5.05.2006 Integrate ex-offenders into DC's social and economic networks by pairing them with cross-class teams of mentors
5.04.2006 Temporary subsidized jobs for unemployed/underemployed District residents, with a focus on out-of-school youth and ex-offenders
4.27.2006 DC Has Only One First-Order Problem: Poor Adults
4.24.2006 Incent Accessory Units in New Townhouse Construction and Rowhouse Rehabilitation
4.24.2006 Homeowners can be capable workers - let them work on their own houses
4.24.2006 Can create new companies and good paying jobs based on the research conducted at its universities
4.24.2006 Habitat for DC
4.21.2006 Parenting "A Village Raises a Child"
4.20.2006 VolunteerChek: Help Businesses Facilitate Employee Volunteerism to Improve Education in Washington
4.20.2006 Two for One- Meeting Employment Needs in DC
4.20.2006 Funds for People Who Do Not Receive Paid Sick Leave
4.20.2006 Solving DC's Problems: A Five-Pronged Approach
4.19.2006 Creating room for the creative classes
4.19.2006 Working Together For The Common Good of All Men
4.18.2006 More Help Available for Working Families
4.18.2006 Getting kids off the streets and selling drugs.
4.18.2006 Improving the District of Columbia's Workforce so that the City can Better Resolve its Continuing Issues
4.18.2006 The aging of the National Capital Area -- when is a problem not a problem?
4.18.2006 A Simpler Solution - "Improvement Day"
4.18.2006 Close the Pay Gap between DC Union & Non-Union Employees
4.18.2006 Uplifting D.C. Residents
4.17.2006 Outsourcing of jobs
4.17.2006 Apply Strategies of the 1930's Works Progress Administration To Address Chronic Unemployment Among Poor DC Residents Due to Lack of Skills or Work Readiness
4.15.2006 Sponsor DC University Technology Research, and Fund Local New Business Startups to Create Productive Jobs, at the Expense of Plantation-like Padded City Bureaucracies
4.10.2006 Give young people an alternative to high school and college with an expansive technical/trade education system that meshes with an apprenticeship program upon graduation.
4.10.2006 Rewards for Civil Servant, Volunteer and City Government Performance
4.08.2006 Mandate that people get paid hourly for the hours they work, so that they would wouldn't waste as much time commuting.
4.07.2006 "Education is our Business" borrowed from title of oped Post article by Stephen Porter 4/2/06
4.07.2006 Incentives and funding for business owners to help men and women returning home from prison.
4.06.2006 Build a highway under Rock Creek Park
4.04.2006 Creating a Nonprofit Incubator for DC
4.03.2006 Private landscaping and maintenance of public spaces in exchange for advertising.
3.31.2006 Long Range Plans for Addressing the High Unemployment Rate among inner-city residents with little education and former inmates

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