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Ideas by Topic

Ideas are listed below by topic. Click on the links to view the ideas. Once you view an idea, you will have the opportunity to comment on it and/or send it to someone.

Topic: Education

5.09.2006 Co-ed public education and violence in the schools.
5.09.2006 Shakespeare In The Park
5.05.2006 Get rid of UDC or the special provision that City will pay for college tuition for DC residents who elect to go to college elsewhere.
5.05.2006 Combating Illiteracy
5.05.2006 DC RAPS & Read Along Promoting Students
5.05.2006 Saying Good-bye to Teddy Bear Lamp Posts and Candlelight Vigils
5.05.2006 How to Improve Student Achievement in the DC Public Schools: The Problem, the Solution and the Benefits
5.05.2006 Quieter School Buildings: Sound-Absorbing Walls
5.05.2006 UDC-East....A New Educational Paradigm
5.05.2006 Help new residents plug in to District issues by offering Welcome to the District courses at local universities
5.05.2006 Teacher Review of Student Academic Records Helps Prevent Alterations and Misuse for Graduation. Council: Give Teachers Statutory Access and Make Tampering with Student Records Illegal.
5.05.2006 Year-round Schools
5.05.2006 Evelyn Wood Day and Related Acivities/Events
5.05.2006 A New UDC at an old RFK
5.05.2006 Mandatory Mentoring--Several weeks ago, on a warm Sunday afternoon, one of my former 5th grade students was gunned down in front of his home.
5.05.2006 Turn DC Schools Into Two Competing Public Corporations
5.05.2006 Request corporate sponsors to cover schools' basic needs and encourage healthy diets for kids.
5.05.2006 DC Public Schools
5.05.2006 UDC-East....A New College Experience
5.05.2006 Institute a Program of 'Impact Grants' for Home Purchase Down Payment Assistance to All New Graduates of Universities Based in the District
5.05.2006 Would not a Community College Aid the District of Columbia's Educational Landscape???
5.05.2006 Promoting anti-litter behavior through experiential learning in school
5.05.2006 Build a community of learning centered around the schools through family learning contracts.
5.05.2006 School drop-outs / lack of goals for students
5.05.2006 Solving the Problems of high cost housing and excess schools with a single program
5.05.2006 Schools of Excellence
5.05.2006 DC Officials Mentor Youth for DC's Future
5.05.2006 Create a Combined District Education Fund Campaign
5.05.2006 Eradicating Black-on-black crime
5.05.2006 Guarantee Access to a College Education for All DC Residents Who Graduate from High School
5.05.2006 Ask the dropouts.
5.05.2006 Education in the City
5.05.2006 Places to Go...People to Meet...Ideas to Share: Where Character Development, Directed Teen Civic and Social Involvement and Civic Journalism Meet
5.05.2006 Sex, drugs, and STDs education
5.05.2006 A New Staffing Model for District of Columbia Elementary Schools
5.05.2006 "Schoolchooser": An electronic public school catalogue to disseminate consumer information and help parents choose schools
5.05.2006 Eliminating truancy
5.05.2006 Stop Giving the Youth Felony Time for Misdemeanor Offenses
5.05.2006 DCPS Announces the Creation of the Office of the Special Education Students' Advocate
5.05.2006 Building bricks to better education
5.05.2006 Require uniforms for DC public school students
5.05.2006 Reducing welfare caseloads, illiteracy, crime, drug addiction, and births to unwed mothers -- with one program
5.05.2006 Improving the District Public School System
5.05.2006 A School to Educate the "Whole Child"
5.05.2006 "For English, Press One"
5.05.2006 To provide opportunity for our children, the next generation of DC citizens, we plan to build a Playground Garden at Peabody School.
5.05.2006 DCPS Business Practices Need Dedicated IG and Audit Attention
5.05.2006 Patrolling NightClub Areas & DC Public Schools; Tourism Sprucing up the neighborhoods and Community Centers; and Fixing up the DC Public Schools
5.05.2006 Overcome continuing special education process failures with a large, one-time infusion of cash
5.05.2006 Integrate ex-offenders into DC's social and economic networks by pairing them with cross-class teams of mentors
5.05.2006 Expansion of UDC to Two Additional Campuses
5.04.2006 Make D.C. a Recycling Classroom
5.04.2006 Raise Taxes, Give the money to Education
5.04.2006 Using videotapes and DVDs to help working parents support their child and his or her education
5.04.2006 Renovate every DC High School Field
5.04.2006 Build Stronger Communities By Strengthening Youth Programs
5.04.2006 DC's crime rate would decline and educational system would benefit from using Boys and Girls Clubs to help youth who are suspended from schools.
5.04.2006 A Truly DC Mentorship Program
5.04.2006 Turn closed schools into community centers
5.04.2006 DC Public Charter School Board, not the VA-MD-DC Public Charter School Board
5.04.2006 DC Public Library Events Program
5.04.2006 Give teachers more frequent and timely performance feedback by engaging a classroom videotape review service.
5.03.2006 Public Library Improvement Program
5.03.2006 Human Capital Re-investment
5.03.2006 Annual Throw Back Day
5.03.2006 Enhancing Civic Engagement in Children and Youth: Save Our Park! -- a book for children aged 5 to 8 years.
5.03.2006 Learning to Help One Another in This Harsh World
5.03.2006 Youth Violence
5.03.2006 And A Child Shall Lead Them
5.03.2006 DC Employer Commuter Tax to supplement DC Public Schools
5.03.2006 Keep our Capital City Clean
5.03.2006 Make learning easier
5.02.2006 Recreation + Learning Centers
5.02.2006 DC Public Library Events Program
5.02.2006 Vocational Schools
5.02.2006 Create the "Knowledge Machine"
5.01.2006 Mentoring programs in every elementary school will provide children individual attention and help them master basic skills for future achievement
5.01.2006 A proposal to Enhance the Learning Experience of Students in Poor Performance Secondary Schools in the District of Columbia by Marshall J. Spurlock
4.30.2006 Adopt a School
4.30.2006 Start a Minimal Cost Knowledge-Share Program: To Enhance Learning, Training and Skills at a Low Cost while Benefiting the DC Public Schools.
4.30.2006 Books to Share
4.28.2006 Turn every school into a charter school, including the parochial schools.
4.27.2006 Share public school space with public charter schools.
4.27.2006 DC schools have an "out of sight, out of mind" problem. Your everyday DC resident has no idea how bad the conditions are.
4.26.2006 Immigrants Should Speak English in Public
4.26.2006 Require Recycling in DC (and area) Schools
4.26.2006 Inadequate Parenting Skills
4.26.2006 Youth magazine generated by highschool groups discussing problems of violence, teen pregnancy and drugs, providing a forum for understanding and solutions.
4.25.2006 Our Kids Need Nature/We've Got It! - Survivor: Anacostia
4.25.2006 Fixing the city through the minds of the feared.
4.25.2006 "Green" DC Public Schools Would Improve Children's Health
4.25.2006 Promoting positive teens and keeping them off the street.
4.24.2006 E-books for DCPS
4.24.2006 Teaching Topic for Middle and High School Students
4.24.2006 Require Mandatory 5-year Breaks for all DCPS Classroom Teachers and School-Based Administrators.
4.24.2006 Can create new companies and good paying jobs based on the research conducted at its universities
4.24.2006 School-based health clinics for children, families, and adults.
4.24.2006 Report cards for school principals, which can be reviewed by parents who want to evaluate the school.
4.23.2006 Teach Speed Printing in DC's Schools Not Cursive. Save Class Time, Prevent Handwriting Errors.
4.23.2006 Change for Children
4.23.2006 Sponsor a National DC Self Government Essay Contest for High School Students
4.21.2006 A Laptop for Every Public and Charter School Teacher
4.21.2006 Eliminate Litter - "Pick up 3 on the 3rd"
4.21.2006 What to do with the MLK Library
4.21.2006 Get Kids Reading and Math Facts Right
4.21.2006 Parenting "A Village Raises a Child"
4.21.2006 Capitol Scholars
4.21.2006 Education Can Be the Silver Bullett
4.20.2006 How to encourage primary and secondary public school teachers to live and work in specific high cost of housing DC suburbs.
4.20.2006 Teach the Importance of RESPECT!
4.20.2006 Creating Success Through a Involved Democracy.
4.20.2006 Improving Reading Skills and Sense of Community through Literacy Education
4.20.2006 Foster and Maintain School Choice for Parents of DC Schoolchildren
4.20.2006 VolunteerChek: Help Businesses Facilitate Employee Volunteerism to Improve Education in Washington
4.20.2006 Trim DCPS Fat
4.20.2006 Give the Schools to the Teachers as the best way to privatize education.
4.20.2006 Bringing DCPS up to the year 2006. Taking it by Force for the Children!
4.20.2006 Children ride long distances to get to school. Give good administrators power to improve neighborhood public schools. Poverty, crime and gridlock will decrease.
4.20.2006 Inspiring Student Commitment through City Commitment: Addressing failing student interest and achievement.
4.20.2006 Schools in Crisis
4.20.2006 Violent Crime: Curb it with effective policy and departmental cooperation
4.20.2006 Solving DC's Problems: A Five-Pronged Approach
4.20.2006 Increasing Teacher/Parent Responsibility for Failure/Success of Grade School Students in DC Public Schools
4.20.2006 Expanded before and after school services in the public schools
4.20.2006 Make a difference in the drop out rate in school!!!
4.19.2006 Help the public schools fix themselves by allowing them to keep more of their own money
4.19.2006 It's Time to Break the Taboo and Pay High School Students
4.19.2006 Establish a DC Government "Youth Cabinet" to Promote Youth Issues and Foster Civic Engagement
4.19.2006 Ask Every School Administrator & Worker What They Did Today
4.19.2006 Make DC Teacher Salaries Competitive With Higher Paid Professions (Like Doctors & Laywers)
4.19.2006 Working Together For The Common Good of All Men
4.19.2006 Repairing DC schools
4.18.2006 Fixing DC Public Schools and Libraries
4.18.2006 Mandate Parental Involvement, Make a Difference in DC Public Schools
4.18.2006 Getting kids off the streets and selling drugs.
4.18.2006 College growth fund for low income residents
4.18.2006 Personal Development For Today's Youth. Enstill power, respect and confidence.
4.18.2006 The University of the District of Columbia is not living up to its potential and needs a physical and psychic uplift and expansion
4.18.2006 Involve youth in helping others; employing them in this way will also give them a positive way to spend their time.
4.18.2006 Dealing with the problems in Washington, D.C. the Nation Capital.
4.18.2006 The aging of the National Capital Area -- when is a problem not a problem?
4.18.2006 School Closings and Remodeling
4.18.2006 A Simpler Solution - "Improvement Day"
4.18.2006 Uplifting D.C. Residents
4.18.2006 Putting the School Bus back into School.
4.17.2006 Every Child is special and deserves the right to maximize his or her potential.
4.17.2006 Parent Education
4.17.2006 Tax Incentive
4.17.2006 Turning Around Education - The Silver Bullett Bold and High Stakes
4.17.2006 How to build a better city.
4.15.2006 Make DC Teachers retire after 20 years or transition them into role of GUIDE TEACHER
4.15.2006 Pay students to attend School
4.14.2006 Agelessness of Informational Access
4.13.2006 Change DC public high Schools to allow students in high school to major in particular subject areas.
4.13.2006 Turning The Lives Of Our Young People Around
4.13.2006 A way to connect individual donors directly to teachers and their classrooms in DC Public Schools
4.13.2006 Require Independent Schools to Participate in Mitigating Traffic
4.12.2006 Reintroduce Half-Day Preschool and Kindergarten Programs
4.12.2006 Plant a radish-gardening in DC schools is fun, educational and healthy
4.12.2006 Prevent gang activity now before is too late
4.12.2006 Why DC citizens need to take back their city from failed cutting-edge ideas
4.12.2006 Higher Education Lottery
4.10.2006 Bring high schoolers' community service home where it's needed!
4.10.2006 Give young people an alternative to high school and college with an expansive technical/trade education system that meshes with an apprenticeship program upon graduation.
4.10.2006 Parent Welcome Center to centralize public/charter school admissions
4.08.2006 DC Public Schools should provide transportation from children's homes directly to school.
4.08.2006 Parents/Teachers Night: Attendance Mandatory
4.07.2006 DC Public School System
4.07.2006 "Education is our Business" borrowed from title of oped Post article by Stephen Porter 4/2/06
4.07.2006 Single Sex Schools
4.07.2006 Computers for Schools meets community service requirements
4.07.2006 Clean Up DC
4.07.2006 Incentives and funding for business owners to help men and women returning home from prison.
4.06.2006 "Librariums" to Compete w/ Schools
4.06.2006 Extend UDC to function as a Community College
4.06.2006 Let the Catholics Run DC Public Schools
4.06.2006 Eradicate Illiteracy- starting with a Children's Library
4.05.2006 Create an Ownership Stake in the DC Public Library
4.05.2006 Expand access to higher education by building a higher education center East-of-the-River and creating a need-based financial aid program.
4.05.2006 Washington's biggest probem is children without proper families.
4.04.2006 City-wide School Libraries Project
4.04.2006 Rebuild the Schools: Architect Contest
4.04.2006 Address the city's hunger, obesity, malnutrition and diabetes issues by teaching people how to cook and eat well.
4.04.2006 Free Public Preschool
4.04.2006 Competitive, High Quality Public Schools: Within Our Reach
4.04.2006 FIX THE SCHOOLS: If the schools are as good as the suburban schools, or private schools, then people won't leave DC: public/private partnerships.
4.04.2006 Reaching sexually active Students Early.
4.04.2006 Allow after care housed in DC public school buildings to stay open until at least 6:30pm
4.04.2006 Improve DC schools by splitting into mutliple school districts to create competition.
4.04.2006 Beautify the City
4.04.2006 Develop a Youth Empowerment Program
4.03.2006 Music and Arts Mentoring Program
4.03.2006 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue Childrens' Summer Theater
4.02.2006 How to meet school safety and security concerns, create jobs amd improve MPD candidate pool.
4.02.2006 Buying Children a Future
4.02.2006 We need to get the police back involved in the schools and the community.
4.01.2006 Neighorhood Schools; Neighborhood Centers
3.31.2006 Make a Real Difference: A Ten Point Plan to Reform Public Education in a Meaningful Way
3.31.2006 Long Range Plans for Addressing the High Unemployment Rate among inner-city residents with little education and former inmates
3.31.2006 Building the Bridge to College
3.31.2006 Reduce school drop-outs by reducing absence and tardiness using enhanced IT systems
3.31.2006 Increasing Civic Responsibility while Decreasing Youth Violence
3.31.2006 Linking Teachers, Libraries and Schools With Information Technology
3.31.2006 A Much Needed Change Reshaping the Way People live in the District of Columbia
3.30.2006 Streamline District Government by Reducing Bureaucracy and Clerical Overhead by 20% of Total Workforce - Apply Savings to Help Furloughed Workers Create New Productive Jobs
3.30.2006 Bolster the Ranks of Public School Teachers with Local Graduate/Professional Students
3.30.2006 DC Should Award a Tax Credit to Parents of Troubled Teenagers
3.30.2006 Public Libraries - Crumbling Resources That Need Support!
3.30.2006 Athletes to Help Fund Education
3.30.2006 Developing Students' Basic Math Computation Skills
3.30.2006 Pride of D.C. Street Cleanup Day
3.29.2006 The District's schoolteachers, police officers, and firefighters must be able to live a middle-class life

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