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Solving DC Problems Solving DC Problems

Ideas by Topic

Ideas are listed below by topic. Click on the links to view the ideas. Once you view an idea, you will have the opportunity to comment on it and/or send it to someone.

Topic: Public Safety

5.16.2006 Citizen Reporting of Traffic Violations via text message/e-mail
5.16.2006 No More Smashed Glass!
5.09.2006 Co-ed public education and violence in the schools.
5.09.2006 Improve the response time of emergency vehicles
5.05.2006 Enforce loitering laws
5.05.2006 Considering the Broken Windows Theory, incentivize low priority crime response by law enforcement
5.05.2006 City needs to make motorists stop at corners and yield to pedestrians crossing the street.
5.05.2006 Bringing D.C. Together and Strengthing Citizens' Confidence and Trust in Police by Improving Responses to Low-Priority Reported Crimes
5.05.2006 Our Nations Capitol Setting Good and Sound Examples That Others Might Follow
5.05.2006 Saying Good-bye to Teddy Bear Lamp Posts and Candlelight Vigils
5.05.2006 eliminate or restrict cars from the downtown core and add more & frequent buses. Will reduce traffic congestion and give us fighting chance in emergency situation.
5.05.2006 Improve or establish communication with ticket writers & the folks who 'help' on the phone when you call to advise about a broken meter
5.05.2006 Virtual Speed Bumps
5.05.2006 Mandatory Mentoring--Several weeks ago, on a warm Sunday afternoon, one of my former 5th grade students was gunned down in front of his home.
5.05.2006 Stop rounding off intersection corners
5.05.2006 Second Chances
5.05.2006 Poor relations between MPD + DC neighborhoods.
5.05.2006 A Safer DC
5.05.2006 Improve Ex-convicts within the District of Columbia
5.05.2006 Eradicating Black-on-black crime
5.05.2006 Safer Crossings in High Traffic Area
5.05.2006 Safer Crossings in High Traffic Area
5.05.2006 Shooting Galery: What to do with RFK stadium after the Nat's and DC United leave.
5.05.2006 Use Automated Traffic Enforcement Revenue for Traffic Safety Education
5.05.2006 Make the District less congested by declaring it "No Car" day once a month.
5.05.2006 Fine noise makers
5.05.2006 Stop Giving the Youth Felony Time for Misdemeanor Offenses
5.05.2006 Truck Traffic and Safety for the District of Columbia.
5.05.2006 Require uniforms for DC public school students
5.05.2006 DC Assistance Program--Helping All of DC by Helping Ex-Offenders.
5.05.2006 Eliminate paper car tags
5.05.2006 Patrolling NightClub Areas & DC Public Schools; Tourism Sprucing up the neighborhoods and Community Centers; and Fixing up the DC Public Schools
5.05.2006 Integrate ex-offenders into DC's social and economic networks by pairing them with cross-class teams of mentors
5.04.2006 Pedestrians don't walk at the speed of light - and traffic signals should reflect this
5.04.2006 The Bus Fair Campaign: Save Time, Be Safe, Breathe Easier
5.04.2006 Build Stronger Communities By Strengthening Youth Programs
5.04.2006 Turn all the security cameras in town into something positive by making them available for viewing on the Internet
5.04.2006 A Realistic Solution to the District's Gun Problem
5.04.2006 More police!
5.04.2006 Making the Streets Safer In The District
5.04.2006 Sanitation Workers As Public Safety Officers
5.04.2006 Help DPW get downtown rush-hour violators and double-parkers off the street by building an automated impound garage on the old Convention Center site
5.03.2006 Street lights should illuminate the sidewalks as well as the streets.
5.03.2006 Use City Vehicular Bound Employees to Report on Specific Problems/Hazards
5.03.2006 Youth Violence
5.03.2006 Eliminate left turns in DC at intersections without a dedicated left turn lane.
5.02.2006 Livable and Drivable Communities Project: Suburban Loading Docks
5.01.2006 Crime/Public Safety OTIS STREET NE between 18th and South Dakota Ave. NE
5.01.2006 Expand Residential Parking Program Hours of Enforcement to 24 hours per day / 7 days per week in Areas with Limited Street Parking
4.30.2006 Improve traffic flow while keeping pedestrians safe.
4.29.2006 Make September 11th First Responders Appreciation Day
4.27.2006 Stop Blocking Sidewalks During Construction
4.26.2006 Traffic Light Notifying Drivers of Oncoming Emergency Vehicle
4.26.2006 Beat Cops at Metro Stops
4.26.2006 Youth magazine generated by highschool groups discussing problems of violence, teen pregnancy and drugs, providing a forum for understanding and solutions.
4.25.2006 Encouraging Positive Behavior
4.25.2006 Promoting positive teens and keeping them off the street.
4.24.2006 Parking Tickets- Discount for prompt payments
4.24.2006 Managing Pedestrian Trafffic
4.24.2006 Don't Block The Box - or else!
4.24.2006 Increase Internal Affairs portion of MPD budget
4.24.2006 Limit truck deliveries to non-rush hours, easing traffic and pollution while also making the streets safer.
4.23.2006 Credit Freeze Legislation for DC Consumers
4.23.2006 Allow Police to Use Counterfeit Bills to Disrupt Drug Dealers Economy.
4.23.2006 Train Summer Youth Program Participants to Do Home Safety, Fire Inspections
4.23.2006 Barcodes for A Better Traffic Ticket Writing System
4.23.2006 Use the Eyes and Ears of the DC Parking Enforcement Officers
4.23.2006 Beat Cops
4.22.2006 Policing of our communities is difficult and not usually possible without a strong police presence to curb crime. Volunteer Crime-fighters is the solution.
4.22.2006 Protect nightclub/bar patron's safety
4.22.2006 Sharing cost and responsibility for crime prevention with neighbors and the local police precinct.
4.21.2006 Improve DC Ambulance Service
4.21.2006 say goodbye to noise pollution/excessive car horn ticket at a time.
4.20.2006 Respect Thy Neighbor Law
4.20.2006 Take All Crime Seriously
4.20.2006 Increasing Funding for TANF Recipients in D.C.!!!
4.20.2006 Corner of Wisconsin and M Sts
4.20.2006 Paint-ball Penalties for Stupid Drivers
4.20.2006 license street panhandlers
4.20.2006 Establish "Pace Cars" in DC
4.20.2006 Violent Crime: Curb it with effective policy and departmental cooperation
4.20.2006 Solving DC's Problems: A Five-Pronged Approach
4.20.2006 To get rid of people who ride bicycles without regard to basic traffic laws, pedestrians, and civilized standard courtesies.
4.20.2006 Make a difference in the drop out rate in school!!!
4.19.2006 Repeal Handgun Ban
4.19.2006 Working Together For The Common Good of All Men
4.18.2006 Citizen's Technical Committee
4.18.2006 Metro Station Safety Managers
4.18.2006 Getting kids off the streets and selling drugs.
4.18.2006 DC Needs Pedestrian "All Walks" - At Least Downtown and in Commuter Laden Areas
4.18.2006 Relief for residents in 'No Parking - Street Cleaning' areas
4.18.2006 Stop the Storage Scam
4.18.2006 Microchip registration for dogs/cats - This limits the number of dogs in the city and improves animal care
4.18.2006 Increased, Enforced Security Presence At All Hours of the Night in the Brookland/Michigan Park Community (Northeast)
4.18.2006 GPS for 911 calls from cell phones
4.18.2006 Trash breeds Crime
4.18.2006 Hang out in the neighborhoods
4.18.2006 Involve youth in helping others; employing them in this way will also give them a positive way to spend their time.
4.18.2006 Crime In The District
4.18.2006 A Simpler Solution - "Improvement Day"
4.18.2006 Metro Safety on the trains and riding the escalator.
4.14.2006 Get Tough on Repeat Offenders
4.13.2006 Turning The Lives Of Our Young People Around
4.13.2006 WAKE UP the Council!
4.12.2006 Prevent gang activity now before is too late
4.12.2006 Fixing the Flow of Traffic During Rush Hour
4.09.2006 DC is a first class city. The city's management should act that way.
4.08.2006 Organize Local Scientific Resources to Create an 'Early Warning System' for the Major Tsunami Threat to the National Capital Region
4.08.2006 Geomapping Crime: Pinpoint Responses
4.07.2006 "Education is our Business" borrowed from title of oped Post article by Stephen Porter 4/2/06
4.07.2006 Fund Parole Relocation Grants of $10,000 Each to the 2,100 Prison Inmates Released in DC Annually, for Moves Outside the Metro Area
4.07.2006 A State of the Arts Forsensic Lab for Crimes Committed in the Nations Capital
4.07.2006 Crack down on speeders and stop-sign runners in residential neighborhoods
4.07.2006 Incentives and funding for business owners to help men and women returning home from prison.
4.07.2006 To decrease crime level the District needs mandatory jail time for gun related crimes.
4.06.2006 Require the Metropolitan Police Department to Rigorously Enforce U.S. Immigration Law in All Local Law Enforcement Efforts
4.05.2006 Buy back guns
4.05.2006 Washington's biggest probem is children without proper families.
4.04.2006 Light the fountain in Dupont Circle
4.04.2006 synchronizing traffic lights
4.04.2006 Ban Pocketbikes in the District
4.04.2006 Develop a Youth Empowerment Program
4.03.2006 Cure gridlock with photo enforcement
4.02.2006 Eliminate Drugs at Home
4.02.2006 Enforcement of a Loitering Law in DC
4.02.2006 How to meet school safety and security concerns, create jobs amd improve MPD candidate pool.
4.02.2006 We need to get the police back involved in the schools and the community.
4.02.2006 Enabling District of Columbia Parking Services Personnel to Help Find Stolen Vehciles
4.02.2006 Build a bubble around the district
4.02.2006 "Criminals Beware- D.C.'s Camera-Cops are Watching You"
4.01.2006 High-Volume Security Scanning for Public Transportation Systems
3.31.2006 Financial incentives for liquor store owners to convert their stores to uses beneficial to the community
3.31.2006 Long Range Plans for Addressing the High Unemployment Rate among inner-city residents with little education and former inmates
3.31.2006 Increasing Civic Responsibility while Decreasing Youth Violence
3.31.2006 Rent Control brings people in
3.31.2006 Pulling Over for Emergency Vehicles
3.31.2006 A Much Needed Change Reshaping the Way People live in the District of Columbia
3.30.2006 Police Subsidy for Troubled Neighborhoods
3.30.2006 Apply Proceeds of St. Elizabeth's Land, Sold as Homeland Security Headquarters, to Construct New Homeless Rehabilitation Dormatories, Emptying DC Parks of Smelly Bums
3.30.2006 Getting DC crime under control
3.30.2006 DC Should Award a Tax Credit to Parents of Troubled Teenagers
3.30.2006 "Ten thoughts on improving my neighborhood: Shaw"
3.30.2006 Enforce Jaywalking Laws
3.30.2006 carless streets reserved for bicycles
3.30.2006 Police Walking the Streets
3.30.2006 Reactive Police--Walking the beat and Community Policing
3.30.2006 Stop the Sale of Single-Serving Alcoholic Beverages
3.29.2006 Stop the sale of crack pipes in local convenience stores
3.29.2006 Seems like only suburbanites get to park illegally

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