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Idea Submitted by J.C.

Metro Employees Should Metro to Work

As most DC-area residents can attest, the DC Metro system has numerous flaws - buses that don't run on time, trains that break down, crowded vehicles during rush hour and extremely long waits at off-peak hours to name a few. However, these problems will never be resolved if the WMATA employees - from the bottom to the top - don't experience them on a daily basis like other area commuters. Therefore, I propose *requiring* all WMATA employees - and board members - to take Metro to and from work every day (with some exceptions, of course). They can ride, transfer, and park for free as an incentive, but they should all have to experience daily Metro commuter frustrations like the rest of us.

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4.29.06 - L.S.

This is a GREAT idea. I know that Director Dan T. metro's to work, so that is a start. It would definitely expedite improvements. Not sure of the public/private status of Metro, but it is definitely funded by regional governments and as such would seem to be eligible for and subject to some municipal pressures. I like the idea of employees being able to park and ride free. GREAT idea!

4.05.06 - M.D.

WMATA is not government, it is a privately owned company, so such a thing cannot be mandated.

4.03.06 - b.j.

how can you MAKE someone get to work a certain way??? should we make all general motors employees drive GM cars so they can experience frequent breakdowns? or how about we make all washington post employees subcribe to the paper so they know what it's like to have late delivery and/or stolen papers?


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