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Idea Submitted by D.K.

Snack Tax

It seems that most litter results from single serving consumables such as sodas, candy and snacks. I propose that these items, and others to be designated, be taxed and the proceeds used to pay for clean up efforts.

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4.10.06 - E.G.

I like this idea a lot. To make it operational, we should have a twice annual litter survey and all the brands that show up in the streets are put on a list of items that are taxed at the retail level. That way manufacturers, distributers, retailers, and consumers all have a stake in keeping "their" trash off the streets. Hey, even if it's too hard to enforce a tax, just the shaming effect of highly publicizing these products and their impact on the environment might spur some positive behavioral response. Look out, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Little Debbie, Mars, etc.!


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