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Solving DC Problems Solving DC Problems

Idea Submitted by M.A.

DC Schools for the Worst

DC's biggest problem is the schools are breaking down. Paint is falling of the walls and pipes are visible on the ceiling. Floors in the ground are cracking loose; and the tiles are falling apart. Here at Stuart Hobson MS, the pipes that are on the ceiling are now visible and water leaks down them from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor from the ceiling. School textbooks need to be renewed every year. Things are going on in the world everyday and so in order to give a scholar the right knowledge, the textbooks must be up-to-date. The schools here are in bad conditions. Such as the restroom. The locks and doors are broken.

To solve this problem, DC needs to stop focusing on extra things like the Baseball Stadium. That money could go into schools to renew textbooks and fix damaged walls. We can have contractors come and fix these ceiling and put new doors in the restrooms. The money can go into getting new textbooks for learning.

This will benefit DC because kids will get better information out of their textbooks. Children won't have to worry about leaving the building because of a broken ceiling that's about to fall. They won't have to worry about leaving school early or seeing in the dark. These changes benefit DC.

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