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Idea Submitted by R.C.

school facilities

My school is named Stuart Hobson Middle school and oh man do we need help we have so many problems that only God can fix. To start off we need new bathrooms, our bathrooms are missing doors and lack of paper towels and tissue. Also we don't even get paper towels when we run out we would have to wait about 2 weeks. Although it's not crowded at least we can go into the stall when we need to.

Another thing is out cafeteria food it really sucks I mean to be honest their may be sometimes where their may be something that makes your tastebud jumps. but other than that their cafeteria food is not what you would want to eat. Another thing is our auditorium it looks a mess and boy dose it smell, but not all the time, also when you step on the stage dust comes up and our chairs are not even chairs anymore, some of them are missing and some of them are falling apart. We don't want people to come to our schools like guess and parents and visitors coming and wanting to sit down and their chairs missing and it's also dusty in the chairs and in the back it's junky. Our solution to this is to help out have fundraisers collect, raise, and save money to help our school or get someone to help our school and we can help to.

Okay not the floors are horrible, most definately the ones

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6.01.06 - R.M.

You shouldn't have to fundraise to get paper towels and tissues and chairs -- these things should be provided for you as part of your public education! But I like your willingness to pitch in. Maybe you can try organizing other students who care about their school and want to make it a better place. If adults see you taking responsibility, maybe they'll come to expect more from the public education system and will pressure those in power to make some real changes. By the way, I love your descriptions. "Tastebud jumps" is my favorite. Keep writing!


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