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Idea Submitted by S.L.

The Conditions of the DC Public School Facilities

We should close down a couple of schools and build new ones.

Its really not fair for us kids to learn in an environment that isn't safe or doesn't cater to our needs. Proper heat and air condition units has always been a problem and still is. We shouldn't have to worry about windows that open and close, or leaks in the ceilings of our hallways.

The new schools will be "mega schools". I'm envisioning a basement garage for the teachers above will be the first floor. The first-floor will include the main office, a doctor's clinic for the people attending or working there. Also there will be a counlor's suite and a library equipt with books and computers for research. Above is the second floor wich will be classes for students with special needs or disorders. The third floor will have 20 classes that can hold 25-30 students. the fourth floor will be the school's cafeteria, also there will be 10 more classes. And last but not least there will be a gym, and a health class on the fifth floor. Each floor will have a female's and male's north and south restroom.

I know this sounds like much, but, the parents or guardians will pay a monthly fee of $20.00 for two years. That money will help to keep the maintenance of the facility up.

To get there we'll need at least two sponsors maybe celebrities that are native washingtonians.

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