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Solving DC Problems Solving DC Problems

Idea Submitted by A.A.

Here Comes Trouble!

Today, the District of Columbia has many problems, most of these problems are caused by drugs. Car accidents are the most affective when it comes down to drunk driving. When drunk driving while or before you hit the road, you should think about the consequences you will face.

As you should already know, over three percent of the people in DC have been in a car crash due to drinking and driving at the same time, and two percent of the people in DC have been killed due to someone else's drunk driving. The influence of drunk driving has been set by the parents and teens between the ages of seventeen and thirty.

I think that this problem can be solved by taking liquor out of stores and putting a drink that is similar to liquor, but is much healthier than liquor. When this problem is solved, DC will be a much safer place to live and more people will be able to live longer.

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