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Idea Submitted by M.W.

Let's Stomp Out HIV among DC Youth & Young Adults

The rate of HIV infection in the district is astonishingly high. It is time to develop a widespread mass media campaign that will get to the root of risky sexual decisions and behaviors that lead to HIV infection.

Sexual decisions are heavily influenced [in]directly by the sexually suggestive and explicit images and content on radios, tv, magazines & ads. The DC Government should develop a coalition of 'popular opinion leaders' that consist of people that have a voice among DC youth and young adults. This will mainly include athletes, hip hop artists, radio/tv personalities and fashion icons. The role of the coalition would be to encourage all 'popular opinion leaders' to take personal responsibility as a role model for DC youth and agree to censor any references made to unprotected sex, multiple partners, pimping, derogotary comments about females and glamorizing sex. The coalition would work to get radio/tv personalities on board and have them agree to censor and omit such references or they will be fined. TV commercials, radio advertisements, school assemblies and billboards will be used to spread the message and have the 'popular opinion leaders' pledge their support.

If P.Diddy can get the youth/young adults of America to vote through the "Vote or Die" tshirt/ad campaign, just imagine what DC could do with a campaign of this magnitude. Let's stomp it out!

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4.18.06 - M.M.

Yes, this is good. Further to it, have school assemblies on the subject of HIV mandatory every year. Include information and the importance of voluntary testing and counseling. If condom vending machines can't be put in high schools, the Government should subsidize them in a corner store near each school and that information should be made clear to the school population. There is NO reason this epidemic stays so high in this city. We need to get it under control by any means necessary (including needle exchange programs, etc).

4.04.06 - a.l.

This is a great idea!


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