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Idea Submitted by C.C.

Bury 395

Bury 395 South, which cuts the city off from the Anacostia. This elevated freeway cuts a psychological swath through the heart of the District. It would not be an easy thing to do, but like the Metro, it would ultimately improve the city tremendously.

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4.04.06 - D.E.

Fantastic idea - extend the tunnel under the Mall over to Waterfront, and bury the SE Expressway out to Pennsylvania Ave as well. Might have a problem fitting it over the Green Line and Yellow lines, but it would be even better than Boston's Big Dig, uniting the Federal Core with the new developments in SE around the Navy Yard and the ballpark.

4.04.06 - T.Q.

Don't you mean 295 - the Southeast Freeway?


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