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Idea Submitted by C.C.

Move the President's Residence out of D.C.

Once symbolic of the open connection between the President and common Americans, the White House has become a fishbowl. Its occcupants cannot venture outside without an army of security, and those outside its iron gates cannot venture near when the President is within shouting distance.

Every time the President leaves the residence, streets are blocked in the heart of Downtown. The Elipse is cleared when the helicopter lands. And Pennsylvania Avenue remains closed, shutting off an important East-West transportation route. Even with all the security, the White House remains a huge security risk for ordinary D.C. residents and workers.

It must be a sad and lonely existence inside those walls. I imagine the Secret Service is nervous even when the President looks outside the window.

I think the residence of the President and his family should be moved to Camp David, or even to the Naval Obervatory, where the VP now lives. The White House could be turned into a museum.

Having the President among us is a quaint anachronism in the age of terror -- one that we can no longer afford.

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5.11.06 - J.C.

I don't think the framers would look kindly on JCs comment that because the US Constitution created the District of Columbia to house the seat of government they created a group of second-class citizens for DC residents. DC residents deserve equal rights and JC might want to take a quick look at the Declaration of Independence and the phrase "All men are created equal".

4.12.06 - C.C.

I think you are the one who is ignorant of the structure of the government and history of D.C. The federal government would still be here in the form of the Capitol and the vast majority of executive agencies and other executive branch functions would remain. All that would move would be the President, who might as well be located in a bunker in Nevada for all we see him in the DC neighborhoods. The Founders certainly never envisioned a fortified castle growing around the President's house, and I daresay, would have frowned on it.

4.10.06 - J.C.

This idea reflects either an unfortunate or willfull ignorance of D.C.'s purpose and place. D.C. exists under the Constitution for the very reason of serving as the seat of the federal government. If those who take up residence here don't like it and choose not to accept the risk in this "age of terror," THEY are welcome to move.


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