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Stop the sale of crack pipes in local convenience stores

Few people realize that you can buy crack pipes right in the local convenience stores. Store clerks and owners sell them everyday without consequences. And continue to support people in their addiction in a city with an atrociously limited number of treatment options. Small glass vials with roses kept in them are always on stock for the next user to find an easy pipe. Many in the community are starting to recognize this problem but now is time for District government to get involved. District police should work with concerned citizens about what the laws are regarding this and should do public education with business owners around the use of the vials. If "evidence" is needed, they could track the association of these small pipes to actual drug use. DC Council and Chamber of Commerce can work together to ensure that business owners are really bringing business and not harm to their communities.

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4.08.06 - H.S.

News Channel 7 did a story on this several years back. The vials were sold by corner stores, sometimes with a bit of copper scrubber, which acts as the filter so the hot crack rock doesn't shoot into the user's throat. Law enforcement apparently can't do anything about it as rose tubes are not marked as a crack-smoking device (kind of like how bongs exist for smoking loose-leaf tobacco, but not pot.)

3.30.06 - A.S.

Why is the word evidence in quotes?

3.29.06 - E.F.

I had no idea this was a problem. Public education is crucial about this. Last time I went to buy flowers they had stopped carrying the little single flowers in glass vials and I wondered why. The store clerk didn't know either.

3.29.06 - H.S.

Is this true? Unbelievable!


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