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Idea Submitted by J.D.

The Capitol Clean-Up Project (CCUP) -- Where Healthy Streets Make Healthy Living

Litter plagues the streets of the Nation's Capital and offenders who commit these crimes often go unpunished. Wrappers and containers are carelessly thrown on our sidewalks by our youth, community members and passersby. The infestation of debris is prominent in impoverished areas of the District and the message of environmental abuse is being passed from generation to generation, causing feelings of uncleanliness and depression, affecting the health and livelihood of everyone. Our streets are the arteries to our communities connecting us all. Ignoring the need to educate others on environmental care further neglects a healthier lifestyle.

CCUP is an environmentally conscious initiative that will merge District schools, faith-based organizations, and communities in the fight against litter. Participants will adopt city blocks, receive volunteer credits and have their names posted at each location. The Sponsor will provide necessary materials to participants. The school Superintendent will mandate participation, and environmental awareness shall be incorporated into academic standards. Each community organization will be recognized by the Mayor's office and the Department of Public Works will monitor progress.

CCUP will unite the city by creating environmentally conscious community groups. Communities will restore neighborhood self respect as families collectively become active. Participants will influence others not to litter and the gratifying sight of cleanliness will elevate neighborhood morale. Public recognition will be rewarding and will fuel continual progress. Statistical data will be available from the Department of Public Works whose resources will be conserved.

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6.09.06 - A.S.

Wonderful Plan.....I often pick up trash in my community!!

6.07.06 - V.Y.

Great idea! It is more the obvious that the past ideas have not worked. This is something that we can do now and see instant results.

6.06.06 - S.C.

This is a great idea, as were all of the others. I am disappointed at those who ridicule. I am sure that all proposals were worthy and should still be pursued. It just so happened that JD's proposal received the majority of votes. CONGRATULATIONS!

6.06.06 - S.S.

By choosing this program as the winner you have effectively killed this contest in the future by making it a joke. Seriously, did you guys really just have this one written up yourselves and then "submitt" it with all the others and suprise it won?

6.06.06 - R.L.

Frankly, I don't see how this idea is better than mine... 4. Promoting anti-litter behavior through experiential learning in [DC Public] school[s] With regard to litter, one of the biggest problems is that people lack a sense of connectedness to the environment, an ethic about trash, litter, and responsibility. The best way to address this is to build its development into our learning system, not just within schools but more broadly. But I am getting ahead of myself. For many many years I have been intrigued by an article I read more than ten years ago in the New York Times Sunday Magazine about elementary education in Japan. In Japan, the schools don't have custodians; the children are responsible for cleaning the school. Now, it might not get quite as clean as it should, but the kids learn about what happens when they make messes... Similarly, in efforts on litter interdiction in the H Street NE neighborhood, I made the following suggestion (although I am no longer involved with H Street Main Street, so I didn't execute it): I think that every elementary school should have a fall and a spring cleanup activity around a minimum of a one block radius around the school. This should be done in conjunction with local organizations. But every school in the city should do it, every fall, and every spring, every year... Children become adults. And they would learn how to properly dispose of trash (and ideally, eventually, that it's a good idea to create less trash). Some of the trash littering our streets and sidewalks ends up in the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers...

6.06.06 - T.B.

I am greatly disappointed that this idea won. Not that it's not a worthy cause, but I saw better ideas among the finalists. I think you wasted this opportunity.

6.06.06 - e.r.

come on, people--1,600 people voted and apparently more people voted for this proposal than any with it!

6.05.06 - C.B.

I am disappointed that you made this your first place winner. All it does is spend more public money to clean up corporate trash from fast food joints, 7-11, etc. On a broader scale, it subsidizes the soft drink industry for killing returnable bottles. It sounds good, but it's busy work for a city with many far more serious problems.

6.05.06 - D.S.

Are you people insane?? Do you live in the same city I do? Our biggest problem is litter?? What a waste of money and effort this entire project has been. How about slicing out all of the deadwood from the bloated DC bureaucracies so our taxes might go to something useful instead of to a demented psuedo-welfare program? How about our wonderful schools, on which we spend effectively private-school tuition and which horribly fail the majority of students in the city? How about getting the police to solve crimes at a higher rate (ours is absurdly low compared to other cities)? And that's just a start.

6.05.06 - P.D.

Clean streets will be a benefit to everyone! lets not forget to recycle the garbage, and to provide further recycling opportunities. without help from department of public works the burden will be on volunteers to make recycling work. lets truly make this an environmentally friendly initiative!

6.05.06 - H.D.

Great idea! I'm all for it.

6.05.06 - k.B.

I am really disappointed about this first place choice you all really did not think this clearly through

6.05.06 - G.M.

I too am disappointed that this was the First Place Winner. I thought the Tax-Free Housing Savings Account and the Public Transportation Tax Credit were the two best ideas. As Marc Fisher of the Washington Post stated, if litter is our biggest problem, let's call the city perfect and move on...

6.05.06 - R.D.

Wow. You had some really great ideas. I'm surprised that this came out on top. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed.

6.01.06 - P.S.

I fully support the idea and proposal for "The Capital Clean-Up Project (CCUP)--Where Health Streets make Healthy Living because the District of Columbia in general and the underserved community in particular are in desperate need to develop ideas and progrmas to Clean up our neighborhoods and communities. It is needed very much in East Washington DC IN wARD 7 and in Ward 8. Regardless how often streets are cleaned in this city it reverts back to the same condition within 24 hours, therefore there must be a change in the mindset and in the culture of citizens that continue to destroy their own community by discarding trash, litter, bottles, cans, newspapers, furniture and other just about everything else on the planet, inludeing abandoned vehicles. All of that said I am voting for this excellent proposal and idea because it is real!

6.01.06 - J.P.

Great Job!

5.23.06 - B.J.

Excellent idea. Let's get this puppy rolling


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