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Idea Submitted by Anonymous DC

Stop the Sale of Single-Serving Alcoholic Beverages

I realize this has been tried in some areas of the District, thought the success of the attempt varied by whether one supported or opposed the idea. It was also only tried in one ward, rather than the whole District. The sale of single-serving containers seems to corrolate with the number (and drunkeness) of the people who hang out in front of the District's numerous licquor stores. Not only is this drunken loitering a nuisance, it is also a public safety issue when some of these loiterers become belligerant to store patrons and passers-by. While one argument against such a ban was that residents would cross into Maryland or Virginia to buy licquor. While I doubt many would travel that far for a beer, even if it were the case, the Council has shown with the smoking ban that the economic considerations of some kinds of District-wide bans are small enough to be outweighed by other, positive aspects. I should also clarify that I support banning the sale of all single serving containers -- one-shot bottles, wines, cheap "magnums," and more expensive kinds of beer and licquor.

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4.19.06 - N.S.

I wholeheartedly support this idea. There are many problems that come from the sale of single-serving alcohol beaverages. The littler alone that these cans and bottles cause is enough to pull my hair out. There is urination on the streets and alleys to boot.

4.08.06 - D.W.

The alcohol isnt the problem; the PEOPLE are the problem. Deal with their dysfunctionality, not the accoutrements on the periphery of the problem. It doesnt matter whether its alcohol, crack, sex, gambling, or whatever. Until you fix the PEOPLE with the problems inside them, the social menace will remain. Get the beggars off the streets, whether in front of liquor stores or anywhere else. A quart of malt liquor may be how they pass their time and deal with the depression of being homeless, but its certainly not why they're there in the first place. Hospitalization, Delousing, and Retraining are more humane, and necessary to actually solve the problem.

4.04.06 - J.Y.

Stopping the sale of 'single serving' containers will not solve this problem. You have to address the offenders with strict enforcement. Limiting the available selection in a store does nothing to reduce the behavior. Instead of buying a single can if they are banned, they will just buy a 6-pack. Do we ban those next? Enforce the loitering, drinking in public, open container and public drunkenness laws before creating more laws to ban things.


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