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Idea Submitted by p.h.

High density street user fees for driving in D.C. during high volume hours.

The District becomes grid locked during morning and evening weekday rush hours. A fee of $10 per day to drive in downtown D.C. during these hours would reduce traffic volume by providing an incentive to take public transit, bike, or drive in at low volume times.

A rear mirror hanger with the date would identify fee payers.(a monthly card would get a discount).

The people who live and work in the District would benefit by having less traffic and parking pressure at rush hour, there would be less air pollution and people would be encouraged to use bikes or walk, which will be a healthy alternative to driving.

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4.12.06 - p.h.

You`re right. Our Ambassador to England refuses to pay the fees for embassy cars because he calls the fees a tax. I suppose a movie ticket could be called a tax, but it`s not. Robert Tuttle is Holmes Tuttles son. Holmes was Reagans biggest contributor in California, so his son is anti-tax as a reflex. Just more embarassement for the U.S.

4.01.06 - C.K.

Dont they do this in London? I believe I read that the US Government is in a tiff with the City of London over these user fee's, the Embassy personnel refuse to pay because they are "tax exempt". I personally think this is a GREAT idea. Anyone Remember Mr. Schnider, who was head of DC DOT in the 1980's? he wanted to ban cars from downtown DC.


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