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Idea Submitted by p.h.

carless streets reserved for bicycles

bicycle commuting is dangerous when riding next to motor traffic.

Deignating a few streets as bicycle only commuter routes would encourage many drivers to switch to bicycle commuting.

This would reduce auto congestion over all, and provide cleaner air and less gasoline use.

An added benefit would be healthier, slimmer people.

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5.09.06 - M.P.

Bicycle commuting is not dangerous. It is motor commuting that is dangerous. Focus on the problem, not the symptom.

4.07.06 - p.h.

Great idea if only side streets would be designated and main commuter roads would stay as they are

4.06.06 - K.M.

Wouldn't that just lead to MORE traffic congestion? The vast majority of people wouldn't switch to bikes (especially in winter), and so there'd be fewer roads with the same number of cars...

4.01.06 - D.K.

This could be less expensive and a quicker solution to getting more people on bikes then building designated bike paths.


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