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Idea Submitted by L.B.

DC's Digital Divide

The digital divide in DC allows for those with access to technology to control the information and retain power over steering political discussion. I propose for free Internet kiosks to be placed around the city as well as the implementation of municiple wireless Internet access. By providing the conduits and hardware for more individuals to connect with information and the government, DC would have the potential to become a more democratic and open environment. My proposal would give a voice to each citizen and allow for more than the loudest voices to be heard, but all voices to be heard with minimal sacrifice on the part of individuals and the state. The implementation of this plan is extremely low cost, requires minimal maintence, and offers an expansive aray of benefits.

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4.04.06 - C.P.

They already have free internet at the public libraries, which is a good start - but there aren't enough computers, so people end up having to wait in line a long time. However this isn't low maintence - there are always several computers that aren't working, and apparently not enough staff to fix them. Another issue is that ID is required for using library computers, and not everybody feels comfortable with that invasion of privacy.

3.30.06 - B.C.

Good idea.


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