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Idea Submitted by P.H.

Give DC youth more indoor recreational opportunities by building a Chelsea Piers-like sports complex on the Anacostia Waterfront

Problem: DC youth and athletic-minded adults have adequate outdoor recreation spaces near downtown. The Mall features scores of pickup and organized softball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball games on every nice afternoon. But there's no large indoor sports space within a reasonable distance of downtown DC. Even finding gym space for a volleyball or basketball league can be a problem.

Solution: Build a sports complex similar to New York City's Chelsea Piers along the Anacostia waterfront. The Chelsea Piers complex in New York City, built along abandoned piers overlooking the Hudson River, has become a destination for many New Yorkers seeking to play organized sports. The complex features dozens of basketball and volleyball courts, indoor soccer spaces, skating and roller rinks, batting cages, a golf driving range, climbing walls, and gymnastics apparatus. The District, in particular the Anacostia Waterfront Development Corp, should alter its plans to include space for a sports complex like this. In addition to serving the large number of active young adults in the District, it would serve tour bus groups of high-school children, conventioneers, and those charter schools with inadequate gym space.

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6.14.06 - C.R.

This is a great idea. The Chelsea Piers complex is also able to generate revenue by renting out space to adult sports teams to help pay for the running of the complex.

6.03.06 - J.A.

This is a wonderful idea as sports activities are so beneficial to young people. They help to build self-esteem, cooperative skills, and physical fitness. Inner city youth desperately need more organized sports involvements as one deterrent to negative activities. I highly support this proposal.


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